May 14, 2011

Pajama Musings - The blogs I follow ... or not

I honestly don't know how it happend, but one fine day GFC informed me I couldn't follow any more blogs than I already do. I had just passed the 300 mark. After briefly googling to find out whether this is some kind of glitch or harsh reality, I knew I had to delete some of the blogs I follow from my list. No biggie. There were several which I was following only because of a giveaway (mostly cute stuff from Etsy shops I would have loved to have, but only very rarely won). So a lot of those had to go.

But somehow, or maybe inevitably, the number of book blogs I follow has also been constantly growing ever since. There are plenty of book blogs that are among my favorites, plus a couple *cough* more with high potential, and last but not least, a few where I don't even recall why I follow in the first place, but which somehow sticked around in my endless list ... and this list once again reached its max.

Actually I have been purging my blog list every now and then, ridding it of some blogs that only clogged my GFC newsfeed, but I wouldn't be writing about this today if this had been the end and not something that equals a never ending story.

So I talked myself into the mindnumbing and painstaking task of looking into each and every of the blogs I follow to see whether they're worthy to remain on my list. It took me not just a while, it took me hours, to get through all the blogs from A to D alone. The real shocker is that I'm already down to 259 and I believe I started out with around 297 or so. So yes, there are still a lot of letters in the alphabet which will further reduce the astronomical number.

An interesting question that will surly come to mind is whether this is fair to all those bloggers I used to follow and which have now one follower less all out of a sudden. Well, in a way, yes. If a blog doesn't meet my standards it has to go. Period.

So what do blogs have to provide me with to make me stay?

This might sound like I want a band playing just for me, or maybe you could read me a bedtime story every night ... nahhh, this is not what I mean at all. Entertain me with interesting posts, fun ones, ones that make me think, ones that make me want to check out new books, ones (memes, yay) that get me hooked so I will have to read them on a regular basis. In short - lure me in, keep up the good work and I'll stick around. Simple as that.

It's not as though I'd expect at least one blog post a day, but if you post only twice a month, then twice a week, then twice a day, then twice a month again, you're starting to annoy me, especially if the content leaves something to be desired.

I realize that sometimes you can't blog as regularily as you'd like to or even have to go on a blog hiatus, and I won't leave you for that. If the quality of your blog meets my taste and expectations I am more than willing to wait for you to finish an exam or return from vacation.

Apart from these, probably rather obvious, requirements there are two more things to throw into the equation.

I like them, alright, but blogs with a reviews-only policy ... uhm, nope. Not my thing. I'm not being judgemental about the quality of your reviews here, I just want "more", you know.

I looove giveaways, and nooo I am not the kind of girl who will follow a blog just for free stuff (at least not when it comes to book blogs). Need proof? I'm not living in the US, so I'm not eligible for most giveaways anyway, still I will stick around on many blogs, because of the great content and not because I want to win anything.

And now I know what some of you might be thinking - why not follow all those blogs, even the "less worthy" through Google Reader? Well, I guess I could do that, but my newsfeed is packed as it is and purging my endless list of blogs has been long overdue anyway, no matter if there's a 300 maximum which you apparently can't cross (even though I recall that once I had 308 before the system refused to add more blogs).

How about you? Do you ever unfollow certain blogs? And if so, why?


  1. I was in the process of unfollowing blogs in Google Reader when I saw your post. Don't worry, I've only recently found your blog and I won't leave it soon again.

    I agree with your criteria. Someone who hasn't been blogging since the beginning of April is out, except if I really, really liked their blog.

    But also, a lot of blogs I do only follow for the giveaway (yes, I'm like that), so at some point, I'll unsubscribe again if they don't normally have posts that interest me.

  2. Alright then, I better keep up the good work so I won't loose you or other followers ;-) !

    I guess a blog-purge doesn't hurt every once in a while. There are so many blog posts I never read and obviously a lot of them are from blogs that don't catch my interest any longer. So they've got to go!

    And yes, admittedly I'm also guilty of following some blog for giveaways only, though these are usually not book blogs ... ok ok, some are *lol*.