May 28, 2011

Pajama Musings - They've got to go

Inspired by Liz' from Consumed by Books who shared how she decided to get rid of books she'd never read anyway in her blog post On caving in I knew I had to do something along the same lines. While I might not exactly be on a book buying ban, I at least started to think more wisely about books I purchase. I'm walking a fine line between wanting and needing and so far I've been a very good girl. Unfortunately though, that doesn't mean that my TBR stacks are on the decline though.

Admittedly I have started to look at some of the boxes filled with TBRs in the past weeks and deep inside I knew that there are plenty of books I will probably never read. Most were bought on a whim when I went a little crazy buying used books on Ebay last year. We're talking several sets of €1,-/10 books so who was I to resist even if there were only two or maybe three books that actually interested me. I kind of figured the rest would be great too, but as it soon turned out, a lot of those extra books were just fluff.

Long story short, now this huge box sits here (to my left, only two steps away from my computer desk) and it's being used as a, uhm, side table, sort of. A resting place for stuff like a Christmas themed Mickey Mouse, a box of Mon Cherie chocolates, a belt I never use, some scarfs, plus a whole lot of shirts that have been waiting for at least a week or so to be finally folded and put into the closet. But I digress.

The point is ... if reading those books (or most of them, anyway) seems more of a bother than fun, I should seriously throw them out. And, believe it or not, I did it. I rummaged through the offending box and recovered a selected few books I really want to read one of those days.
The rest? Out.
And if you risk a glance at the photo, you'll have to admit that I did quite a job on my book purge.

Of course I then updated my library on LibraryThing and squinted on the number of unread books too. Still an awful lot, is all I'm saying. But, and that's the important part, lesson learned. While I still go overboard with all those free eBooks that come my way far too often, those won't take up any physical space. I am way pickier with physical books these days and will only ever buy those I know I will read. And now, off I go to finally make the number of TBRs drop under, uhm, threehundred ...


  1. I know I should do the same with a huge stack of books I've bought from car boot sales and charity shops but I can't bring myself to do it just yet.I just have to stop myself buying more until I catch up a bit. wishful thinking!

  2. I knwo what you mean...but the only bother for me is the sheer number of books I truly want to read. Sometimes I wish I was a genre reader, it would narrow things down for me! Every now and then I'll get rid of a few unread books, but it does nothing for the numbers.

    Could be worse, I could be addicted to something dangerous...well, OK my bookcases could fall on top of me...

  3. Huh, I devised a formula long time ago. Only buy a book that you are sure you would like. If it's a new author buy an ebook, if it's great, the next one from the same author you can buy in paperback, then your shelves are a bit more manageable :) Besides we just moved back to UK and I've started to fill my bookshelves from the start. And oh boy, I've got a lot of space to fill in! Gook luck with your purge :)

  4. Great purge! Where are the books going? I'm going t a book swap in a few weeks' time. That's my way to get rid of some... and get some new ones. My TBR was getting quite small and I decided that actually, it didn't have to get to zero. So now I'm buying, borrowing and swapping again!

    I can totally understand how you got all those extra books - no, don't bother reading them - out with them!

  5. May I say that I'm really proud of myself for following through with my book purge? And it's neat to inspire others to consider it as well. Even though the stack is huge I still have PLENTY to read and I hope to "invest" the money I will (hopefully) make by selling the whole lot into books I really want. Oh, and what I usually do if I can't sell certain books, I will give them to charity once a year. That way they may find good homes at last and I'm doing good by donating them too!

  6. you threw out books? GASP! That is the cardinal sin in our house. Ok, for Erich. He thinks you should donate them, someone will want them. But congrats to you on purging some of that!