June 29, 2011

Beyond the Shelf - The Book Seer

You know what it's like. You just finished a book and are trying to make the difficult decision what to read next. Overwhelmed by huge TBR piles you have no idea where to start. Maybe you pick something you should have read for review ten months ago. Or you choose a sequel in case you just finished a book in a series. Maybe you close your eyes and grab just any book from the tumbling stacks. We all have our methods, but some days we just sit and stare and can't make up our minds.

Fear not, fellow readers! There is help for us.

The Book Seer is a funny site where you can feed a wise old man with the book you just read and he will give you some recommendations. So, let's see ... I just finished The Third (Abed Keogh) which, as I may add, I really loved, no matter whether LibraryThing only thinks I'll probably like it (with a very low prediction confidence at any rate).

But back to my recommendations. No surprise to see that I should read another book by the author. But wait, there's more! Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins) is the second suggestion and wouldn't you know it ... the book is lieing on my immediate TBR stack right next to my bed. Almost on top of the pile too. I'm officially impressed. Equally impressing is that The Book Seer didn't put the first book in the series at the top of the suggestions, almost as if he knew I already read that one, hmmm ...

These recommendations are based on Amazon statistics and while it says that LibraryThing currently isn't asked for suggestions I can only assume that this feature is either currently not working or will be implemented later on. Either way, while you do get rather obvious book recommendations it is kind of neat, and sometimes it's even helpful in case a suggestion points to a book we have almost forgotten we had on our TBR piles.

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  1. But what if the Seer suggests one you don't own but now, thanks to his suggestion, really want to read??? Off to the store- and your TBR stack gets bigger!