June 22, 2011

Beyond the Shelf - Emma Adaptations

Who doesn't know Jane Austen?
Or even more so, who doesn't know Elizabeth Bennett?
Well, it's about time to make room for another Jane Austen heroine - Emma.

Emma Adaptations is dedicated to film, television, and other adaptations of Jane Austen's book. Accordingly you will find plenty of informations on everything Emma-related, from film music to costumes, from actors straight to some rather surprising tidbits. Did you know that the movie Clueless with Alicia Silverstone is a modern conceptualization of Emma? Or that Ruby In Paradise, starring Ashley Judd, is supposedly based on Northanger Abbey? And that the 1990 movie Metropolitan was allegedly inspired by Mansfield Park?

Either way, this is an interesting site for all those Austen fans out there. And even if you, like yours truely, are more of the movie-adaptations-watching kind, you might at least like the fun Austen Heroines Quiz on the site.

I am Catherine Morland!

You are Catherine Morland of Northanger Abbey! You love a good Gothic romance - so much, in fact, that you'll fool yourself into thinking you're living one! You are imaginative and naive, which is at once endearing and perplexing. Perhaps your heart is TOO pure...but it is adventurous. After all, you love a trip to Bath or a stay at an ancient Abbey.

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  1. I've never read Austin. But, I think at least one of her books was among the 100 free with my Nook so I'll have to read it. :)