June 8, 2011

Beyond the Shelf - LexioPhiles

Today I'd like to introduce you to LexioPhiles, a place where the love of words shines through in lots of great articles on anything language-related. While most of you will probably be dedicated readers of countless book blogs, there might be some who will be interested in language itself too. No matter whether you're just a bookaholic or a linguist at heart, you should seriously check out this site.

On first glace it may look like this could be a bit of a dry read, but trust me, it's not. LexioPhiles features many different topics, from slang to tongue twisters, from typical mistakes to language survival, and all of them presented in a way that's not only informative but also entertaining and sometimes downright funny, to read.

To name but a few: German Swearwords Part 1, Languages Spoken in Ireland, or Language survival 101: Feel local (in the Netherlands)!

But that's not all!
How about some laughter inducing translation failures?

Or maybe you're curious about What English learners want to hear – the top 100 most-listened to English words? The G rated list starts off with "I love you", "awesome" and "hello" (and please don't ask me why on earth the word "awesome" made second place), the R rated list starts with the same three words with the F-word right on its heels on fourth place.

And, because we're talking about not just one language, there's a dictionary widget on the site too, which might prove more than helpful if you want to read one of the non-English articles here.

To get back to the initially mentioned language blogs - if you're interested in anything that has to do with language and linguistic you should definitely check out the list of the 2011 Top 100 Language Lovers, which features Language Learning Blogs, Language Professional Blogs, Facebook Pages and even Tweeterers.
I'm also proud to announce that a friend of mine made 18th place with her (and her twin sister's) blog Translation Times. Even more so, they made 1st place in the category of Language Professional Blogs. Congrats Dagmar and Judy!

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