June 5, 2011

Books Aplenty - Books like action movies

When you can't decide which book to read just pick one at random. Seemed like a good idea to me, and I was indeed rewarded with a fantastic read, in fact, two fantastic reads as I simply had to grab another book I had by the same author from my TBR stack after finishing the first one.

Have you ever read a book that felt like you're in the middle of an action movie? If not, I've got some real sweet recommendations for you. Deadfall (Shaun Jeffrey) is about zombies, yes zombies, and while not everyone might like them, or the horror genre in general, you'll be in for a real treat if this is just your thing. In case you're not really into dead people trying to eat those who are still alive, maybe the feisty heroine Amber and her team of mercenaries will persuade you to give it a try. Like I said, it's like being sucked into an action movie. You can feel you're right in the middle of it and I honestly couldn't put the book down. Also love that the author added a different ending, the director's cut, so to say. Both are great, though I kinda prefer the one that made it.

Obviously I had to grab The Kult (Shaun Jeffrey) as my next read and this one drew me in even more than the first one, mainly because I love good suspenseful books a wee bit more than horror, and this one is extremely well written with an amazing cast of characters. Thrilling, with an interesting twist, just the way I like it. Bloody? Yes. Very. Hard to put down? You bet. Let's just say I wasn't at all surprised when I found out afterwards that this book will be made into a movie.

As I've run out of more books by Shaun Jeffrey, and due to the fact that I've not only got some serious catching up to do on reviews for LibraryThing (and in case you think you'll always end up getting junk from those Member Giveaways, think again, as the above mentioned books were awesome), but also a number of more "official" ones for BookSneeze and the likes, I rounded off my reading with two quite interesting, but not quite as captivating novels.

I've been so much looking forward to The Seraph Seal (Leonard Sweet and Lori Wagner) and then it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for me. While I liked the idea of engaged fiction, meaning a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, the implementation left plenty of room for improvement. To many things happening, too many characters, a rather fractured structure. These ingredients didn't carry this apocalyptic end-times story, they ruined it. Don't get me wrong, the book as such isn't bad, but it could have been so much better if it hadn't been solely focused on the battle between good and evil but had given the cast more depth. None of the characters managed to touch me, so apart for the ending, which I really loved, the book was a rather bland reading experience.

And to stay within the theme I picked up The Judas Gospel (Bill Myers) next and what a pleasant difference compared to the previous book. Highly engaging, smoothly written, and perfectly letting the Christian theme flow together with a suspenseful thriller. The focus though, is on the What-If. Judas believes that God could draw in even more flock with the right, well, marketing and business strategies. And in the person of Rachel who has visions and healing hands he tries to prove his point. In the end though it becomes quite clear that it's not about crowds, but touching individuals. While this is certainly a Christian book, I didn't perecive it at all as preachy. A unique idea and definitely an entertaining read.

Not all that many new books this week, but it wouldn't be me if there were none. In fact I believe that only happend once since I started this blog. Uhm ...

First off, my smallish LibraryThing loot - Fallen Blood (Martin C. Sharlow).

Then came Dreams Unleashed (Linda Hawley) which I received the author for review. And how could I resist the chance to read and review a science fiction / dystopian novel by a new author?

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