June 19, 2011

Books Aplenty - The No-IMM week

After having read like crazy the past two weeks I pulled the brake and only enjoyed three books this week, two of which I devored this weekend. I've just been too busy for reading more and obviously I had to sit down to write a couple of reviews too. Oddly enough they don't write themselves.

I kicked it off with Dreams Unleashed (Linda Hawley) a suspenseful paranormal novel set in the near future. As you know I love it when an author is going back and forth in time in their narration. Even though it took me a while to get into the slowly unraveling connections of past and present, I really enjoyed this debut novel. More about my thoughts on the book in my very first *woot* author review next week.

Then I said to myself, "Self, you have done well with all the books you read for review, now it's time to read something from your personal TBR stacks!" Who am I to argue with myself?
So I made myself comfortable with books of two of my fav authors. First I had to buy their latest paperbacks, just to have them lying around on my TBR stacks for weeks. Shame on me.

Friday night I started with Ice Cold (Tess Gerritsen) which is book number eight in the Rizzoli & Isles series. I wasn't all too happy with the last book in the series, which was an ok read, but nothing more, so this one certainly made up for it. Once again a fast-paced page turner, this time focusing mainly on Maura Isles. Add some interesting turns in the storyline, a conclusion to a thread that leads through all the previous books. Don't want to give anything away for those who haven't read it though. Oh, and last but not least, why on earth do they have to ruin the cover with a little add for the TV series? Isn't anybody watching the show so they have to resort to putting a pic on the cover? I guess so *sigh*.

After finishing Tess' book in almost one sitting and seeing how lousy the weather was yesterday I picked up Any Man Of Mine (Rachel Gibson) next. Admittedly I'm not all too fond of the Hockey series, but Rachel is one of my go-to authors when it comes to chick-lit, so I inevitably will buy all her books. Same ingredients as alway, this time round with a not all too likable male main character, and obviously, after the usual highs and lows, they get together again. Oh well, not the best work in comparison to other books of hers, but I soaked up this brain candy like a chocolate bar after three weeks of dieting nonetheless.

What rolled in this week?

Not all too surprisingly LibraryThing supplied me with lots of reading material - Pale Queen's Courtyard (Marcin Wrona), Nowhere To Go (Iain Rowan), Anathema (K.A. Tucker), Counting From Zero (Alan B. Johnston), Ghosts Of Coronado Bay (JG Faherty) and Chop Suey (Ty Hutchinson).

And wouldn't you know it ... the moment Christianbook puts up new eBooks for free I always find plenty I'd like to read - Apocalpyse Dawn (Mel Odom), The Swan House (Elizabeth Musser), This Fine Life (Eva Marie Everson) and The Affectionate Adversary (Catherine Palmer).

There won't be an IMM post this week *sob* but admittedly I had a good run these past weeks, so that's ok.


  1. ONLY 3 a week?????? How do you do it?? How do you read so much? The last book I finished only took me a week, and that was because I was home sick for four days. Most nights I'm too tired after work to pick up a book, and then there's all the other stuff that gets in the way. (Btw, I've tried to post this 3 times, so if it suddenly appears 3 times, we'll know why!)

  2. As the sucky economy hasn't provided me with a decent job yet, I have plenty of time to read.
    (BTW I only received it once.)