June 12, 2011

Books Aplenty - Reading reading lots of reading

I don't think I've ever read that many books in one week. Granted, they weren't all that long, but what kept me going was certainly the fact they were all great reads. So, I read a lot and want to share a few thoughts on those books with you now.

Sister Species (Lisa Kemmerer) showcases a feminist look on animal advocacy and how the oppression of animals is linked to other forms of oppression, like sexism or racism. After seeing that the few reviews on this book are really awful I can only assume that those people didn't want to get the message. This book will make you think, but don't expect it to be an enjoyable or even gentle ride.

First We Read, Then We Write (Robert D. Richardson) is right up there with the fantastic book about William Blake that I reviewed earlier this year. This one focuses on Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of my favorite poets, and highlights the important connection between reading and writing. Read this book and Emerson's The Poet and you're going to be in heaven. If you're a writer, that is. Great for fans of his work too, of course.

Saving Savvy (Kelly Hancock) teaches you about smart spending decisions, planning and organizing. The religious focus was a bit unexpected, but other than that a good book for those who are clueless on how to seriously save money while grocery shopping. Another suitable title would have been "Coupons 101".

Plastic (Susan Freinkel) showed how much we are surrounded and dependant on plastic today. Try to go a day without touching anything that's made out of any type of plastic and you'll soon notice you're in trouble. An interesting journey through the history of various plastic items, from comb to chair, and soda bottle to credit card.

And I finally came around enjoying some books I have won over the course of the past few weeks.

The Long Weekend (Savita Kalhan) gripped me from page one and let my pulse race until the last page. Taking a ride home with a stranger was more than a bad idea and things soon turn out really bad for two boys. You can literally taste the fear in this captivating thriller. What a fabulous book! Not just for teens, really.

Just Ella (Margaret Peterson Haddix) showed what really happens ever after. And "happy" is not part of it. Taking off where the traditional fairy tale ends this was a fun book with am ending that does not include Prince Charming but ... real love of course!

Six Moon Summer (SM Reine) reminded me of those paranormal novels for teenagers which I devoured like crazy as a teen. Loved the vegetarian goes werewolf aspect. Overall a very enjoyable read!

And I fattened up my eReader (again) with these new books ...

With my NetGalley books seriously reduced I decided to splurge a little with requests. As you will noticed I even read two of the galleys straight away. Sometimes I'm fast. Then I'm not. Ahem.
This is what I got - Did Adam And Eve Really Exist? (C. John Collins), Saving Savvy (Kelly Hancock) and Plastic (Susan Freinkel).

And while we're at it I also got myself the next book for review from BookSneeze - The Skin Map (Stephen R. Lawhead).

A bunch of LibraryThing books rolled in as well - Imperial Hostage (Phil Cantrill), Daphne And The Silver Ash (Joss Llewelyn) and Crossroads Road (Jeff Kay).

What everyone else has been downloading last week I finally got around doing this week. In other words I got a free download of Summer's Crossing (Julie Kagawa). I haven't read any of the Iron Fey books (yet), so I'm really curious about this novella.

Sourcebooks offered a number of free downloads as well and I added these to my TBR stacks - The Allegra Biscotti Collection (Olivia Bennett), Dating Mr. December (Phillipa Ashley), The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook (Matt Dunn), Outcast (Cheryl Brooks) and Seduced By The Wolf (Terry Spear).

As far as giveaways go, I was also quite lucky and won Purpose (Kristie Cook) on Me and Reading.

And now get ready for an epic IMM post soon!
Epic as in "I've been doing a lil' shopping" ...

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