June 25, 2011

Pajama Musings - Early in the morning

I really can't think of many reasons for getting up early on a Saturday. Yet going to a flea market and possibly getting my hands on dozens of great books is one of them. To cut a long story short, it wasn't worth hauling my butt out of bed. Not really.

Maybe I'm spoilt, alright. Last year there was a huge flea market from a local church at the same venue and, like I said, it was huge. I went there twice as I couldn't possibly have carried all the books I found in one go. Add the fact that they actually had to restock as they had more books than shelf space. Anyway. I kind of thought that it'd be pretty much the same thing today. The place is vast after all and why should there be much of a difference? Well, in the end there was quite a bit of a difference. Not only did they only use half the space available, they also had mostly clothes on offer. Stinking, smelly, old kind of clothes. And they had most on clothes racks in front of the open doors to the building. Outside, in the fresh air, and let it be said that it was windy too. Still, it smelled of those clothes. Or shall I say it reeked, because that is exactlly what it did. It is beyond me how anyone would want to buy one of those garments, but there were quite a few people looking around. Obviously they aren't as olfactorily challenged as yours truly. But I digress.

In the last corner, right beside a table with lots of old ladies and their delicious cakes, were the books. I swear, I hesitated for more than just a second and wondered if it would even be worth the effort to walk in to check out the two dozen or so boxes filled with books. Then I said to myself, you got up early just for this, so do it. What shall I say ... mostly old, really old books and an awful lot of romance novels. Alright. I rummaged around a little, to show some interest, because I could feel the old ladies watching my every step. To get out of their view I hunkered down behind a table to inspect a box on the floor. And would you believe it, there were a few books that caught my attention after all. At least they would have if I were someone who gives an author second chances. A little voice whispered in my ear that now that I got up early and walked here and made the effort to look for books I could just as well buy some, it's for a good cause after all. I didn't argue with myself, thinking about the author who will be glad to hear that I am not only giving her a second chance but actually a second chance by four, seeing how I not only took one but all four books I found (am I still making sense, I don't think I do, but I can blame it on sleep deprivation). Then I moved along. Eventually I found another book, a paperback that smelled like it spent most of its life in some cellar, but then I reminded myself I got up early ... you get the idea. I carried my loot to the sweet old ladies and their cakes and in one swift move they pointed in unison to another lady, old but cake-less, who was responsible for paying. Looking back now I have to admit, it was kind of creepy. The caky-lady brigade. But I digress again.

Curious about what I brought home? Check out tomorrow's IMM post!

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