June 18, 2011

Pajama Musings - From screen to print

There's a whole lot of talk about books that make it to the big screen, but what about the other way round?

I've always been a huge Star Trek fan and one day I saw a TNG book in a bargain bin at a book shop. Let's just say it wasn't the last Star Trek related book I bought in the years to come. While I stopped buying those books some odd years ago, quite a number of them have accumulated and that wouldn't have been the case if they had been bad. Sure, there were those that were just ok, but I also had my favorites among them, especially novels by Peter David. Maybe it's due to how (most of) the authors knew the characters really well and presented good storylines, that I loved those books. No copying of episodes or movies, but new and fresh ideas set in the known Star Trek universe. It worked for me as it surly works for lots of other Trekkies out there. Oddly enough though I was never too happy with books that followed one of the Star Trek feature movies. I always preferred the movie in that case.

Star Trek novels weren't the only ones who sneaked onto my bookshelves though. I've been known to buy quite a few 90210 books in the 90ies, and even before that time I had to have books that came out in the wake of the 80ies sci-fi series V. Let's not forgot to mention all The X-Files books I bought, and even a book from Earth 2 made it onto my shelves as well. You could say that apart from that pesky teenage series mentioned above I always have been a huge Science Fiction fan. Movies and books alike. Anyway. Let's get back to my initial thought.

It's a rather strange phenomenon. Book to movie vs movie/series to book. I'm highly sceptical about the first as in my experience the book is almost always better, and I am quite fond of the latter because it lets me enjoy more of something I already liked on the screen. Maybe the bottom line is that when books are being adapted for the big screen you will inevitably compare the two, but in my case it's been the same setting yet different stories being told that made it enjoyable.

Ever read books based on a series you love to watch? If so, which series was it and did you like the books or were they disappointing? Let me know.


  1. Really interesting post.

    I've always considered reading some of the Doctor Who novels (more likely the newer ones) because I really like the TV series.

    I'm a new follower! I love the blog, so many interesting posts, I look forwards to reading more.


  2. Welcome to The Book Garden, Jules!

    If you like a series it's definitely worth a try to read books based on it. Especially if you love reading anyway :-D !

  3. I didn't realize that there were Doctor Who novels! I think I need to stay away from those because I don't think that I would be able to stop reading them regardless of how good or bad they were.