June 7, 2011

Review - The Seraph Seal (Leonard Sweet and Lori Wagner)

Admittedly I hadn't heard about a genre called “engaged fiction” before starting to read The Seraph Seal by Christian authors Leonard Sweet and Lori Wagner. It's the blending of fiction and non-fiction which makes this book special, and while it feels like fiction when you read it, you will find plenty of facts embedded in the story without disturbing the fictitious part of the book.
This tale about the end-times and the four apocalyptic horsemen starts off promising. Mysterious letters and artifacts turn up while at the same time disaster strikes and the Earth is close to destruction. Four people set out to save mankind, four set out to subdue it. A thrilling premise, but unfortunately the implementation left plenty of room for improvement.
While the book is biblically consistent, there are simply too many things happening, too many characters, and a rather fractured structure, that damped the reading experience. These ingredients didn't carry the story, they downgraded it to just an average read. I wish the authors hadn't solely focused on the battle between good and evil, but had given the cast more depth, let the numerous plot lines flow together more smoothly and hadn't rushed through the chapters like they did. Apart from the unique ending, which I really loved, the book turned out to be a rather bland reading experience for me.
In short: An apocalyptic story brought to life as engaged fiction, which is worth reading more for the non-fiction than the fiction part!

3/5 stars

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