June 20, 2011

A Writer's Life - The cook-book scenario

I'm contemplating writing ...

... a cook-book.

Ha. Just joking. I mean come on, those who know me will be on the floor laughing their butts of reading this. And the rest of you, rest assured that I may be a gal of many talents, but my legendary laziness when it comes to putting the kitchen to good use speaks against even considering writing a cook-book.

On a more serious note, there is nothing wrong with crossing the border of your own writing world to explore new galaxies. Captain-Kirk-style. To lead your pen where no other pen has ever been before. You get the idea.

So, if you asked me what kind of unusual (unusual as in "not based in the realms of science fiction or thriller") ideas ever invaded my writer's mind, here's the run-down of crazy ideas I had over the years.

- A travel memoir
I love traveling, I love writing, I love photography! So maybe this isn't the weirdest idea I ever had, in fact, I think this is f§$%ing brilliant!

- An inspirational gift book
Uhm, this one is certainly different, at least from my perspective, and if you promise you won't tell, I'll let you in one a lil' secret ... this is the "secret project" I've been rambling on about in the past months!

- A children's book
Me, of all people, not the fondest of those little annoying brats, coming up with such an idea *shrugs* but oddly enough I once even started on one, had even a friend lined up for doing the illustrations. I guess the real problem was that I started writing after several people asked me whether I ever thought about a book for kids, so it was more their idea than mine, and not all too surprisingly, it's currently on hiatus, and frankly, it will probably stay in the bottom drawer until the end of times.

- A non fiction book
Seeing how I mainly review non fiction on my blog, this might not appear that far fetched. Now, let's keep in mind that non fiction offers many many possibilities, and thus far, I might be toying with an idea, but putting it on paper, well, we'll see ...

Apparently I'm not only an eclectic reader, I'm also a bit of an eclectiv writer. If only in my mind.

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  1. I was laughing hysterically at the thought of you writing a cookbook! :)