June 27, 2011

A Writer's Life - Lazy Bum Club

I write and write and write blog posts, and yes, I do that sitting on my bum, but this isn't what the lazy in the blog post title is referring to. I'm a lazy bum when it comes to commenting on other people's blogs. There, I said it and admitted to a major crime in the blogging scene. Though I know I'm definitely not alone with this. There are more like me out there, hanging their heads in shame right now. Hey, feel free to join the "Lazy Bum Club". Not sure whether you qualify? Well, if you don't comment on this blog post you do.

The thing is that while I might not read every single blog post of every single blog I follow (who's got that much time on their hands anyway) I do read a lot of them and still only rarely comment. You should think that making time for reading and adding another minute or two for commenting wouldn't be such a big deal. You would think so, but (and there is always a but) I'm the kind of person who wants to leave more than just a "Great review!" or "Great interview!" comment and being the perfectionist that I am it takes me longer to think about what to write in a comment than reading the actual blog post.

Admittedly I've been know to go on commenting frenzies every now and then. A while ago a friend e-mailed me joking about someone commenting like crazy on her blog. Yep, that would have been me. You see, my comments are meant to motivate her on her daily blogging mission. And while I'm still a wee bit behind in doing so, I do take the time for it about once a week.
Curious abut the blog? Check out A Year of Blogging by my friend Amy.

Looking at it from the other side, comparing how many page views I get on blog posts and how many people actually comment, I am reassured that the "Lazy Bum Club" will be crowded in no time. I should branch out, now that I think about it. Maybe I can be the head of the European section and then there will be several international ones too. You may apply for these jobs in the comments, then again if you comment you also disqualify yourself, because obviously you're not a lazy bum by heart and other members might not respect you and call you a sham because of this.

Anyway, to avoid having to face all the duties that come along with being the leader of a club (even though it's a club that obviously encourages laziness) I've decided to comment more often. So if you find my name and a quirky comment under one of your blog posts come right back here and tell me (in a comment, that's the whole point) that you appreciate me stopping by and not only showing up as additional number on your page views but also that I left readable evidence for my visit.

Here's to writing writing writing ... I mean, commenting commenting commenting.


  1. Sometimes it takes me longer to think of a comment than it takes to read the post! I try to leave a few comments a day on various blogs but I completely agree with you. I think it's great that my blog is even being read!

  2. lol - this is me in spades. I've been wondering why the comments on my own blog have dwindled to almost nothing - but then realized that I'd stopped commenting on others. It's not that the blog posts are not interesting, it's just--well, laziness! ;-)

  3. I like to leave a comment if I drop by, even if it's a short one. However, sometimes I'm either just too busy or can't think of what to say! :D Still, I apreciate a blog visitor whether they comment or not.

  4. I'm way worse than you are about commenting! And thanks for the link! :)