July 1, 2011

2011 Reading Challenge April - June

Here's a run down of how far I got with my 2011 Reading Challenge from April through June:

Total Books Read: 42 (+36)

Fiction: 26 (+25)
Non-fiction: 16 (+11)

Physical Books: 15 (+20)
eBooks: 27 (+16)

Female Authors: 24 (+26)
Male Authors: 18 (+10)

For Review: 23 (+11)

Numbers in brackets are stats for January through March!

37. Consumerology (Philip Graves)
38. A Novena For Murder (Sister Carol Anne O'Marie)
39. Malled (Caitlin Kelly)
40. Shakespeare's Champion (Charlaine Harris)
41. Murder Mile High (Lora Roberts)
42. Falling From Grace (Patricia Brooks)
43. 50 Jobs In 50 States (Daniel Seddiqui)
44. The Diva Doctrine (Patricia V. Davis)
45. Hot Schemes (Sherryl Woods)
46. The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)

47. Exchange (Dale R. Cozort)
48. Those That Wake (Jesse Karp)
49. The Band That Played On (Steve Turner)
50. The Final Summit (Andy Andrews)
51. The Hidden Magic Of Walt Disney World (Susan Veness)
52. Inside Out (Maria V. Snyder)
53. I'm Kind Of A Big Deal (Stefanie Wilder-Taylor)
54. Blood Red Road (Moira Young)
55. Look Away, Dixieland (James B. Twitchell)
56. The Quest For The Cure (Brent R. Stockwell)
57. Priscilla The Great (Sybil Nelson)
58. Priscilla The Great: The Kiss Of Life (Sybil Nelson)
59. Fixing Cupid (Cristian Young Miller)
60. Summoning (Debi Faulkner)
61. Deadfall (Shaun Jeffrey)
62. The Kult (Shaun Jeffrey)

63. The Seraph Seal (Leonard Sweet and Lori Wagner)
64. The Judas Gospel (Bill Myers)
65. Sister Species (Lisa Kemmerer)
66. The Long Weekend (Savita Kalhan)
67. Just Ella (Margaret Peterson Haddix)
68. Six Moon Summer (SM Reine)
69. First We Read, Then We Write (Robert D. Richardson)
70. Saving Savvy (Kelly Hancock)
71. Plastic (Susan Freinkel)
72. Dreams Unleashed (Linda Hawley)
73. Ice Cold (Tess Gerritsen)
74. Any Man Of Mine (Rachel Gibson)
75. Lobsters Scream When You Boil Them (Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough)
76. Did Adam And Eve Really Exist? (C. John Collins)
77. The Skin Map (Stephen R. Lawhead)
78. The Third (Abel Keogh)

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