July 24, 2011

Books Aplenty - And I had almost given up hope he'd ever write a good book again

Alright now, so I only read one book this week. Let's blame it on the fact that I was on a mini vacay for during the first half of the week and while I did start reading the book while away I also spent substantial amounts of time just soaking in the thermal water and dozing in the shade. Either way, I managed to finish the book back home and it was a wonderful ride.

The book I'm talking about? What The Night Knows (Dean Koontz) which is the latest novel by one of my fav authors who, as I would like to point out, has been quite disappointing with his writing during the past years. With this book though he is back on track and while it doesn't stand shoulder to shoulder with his probably best novel, Odd Thomas, it's definitely been a good and solid suspense novel, highly reminiscent of his earlier books with an eye for details in setting, and amazing characters, that I feared had somehow gone lost over the years.
Imagine my shock when I saw a number of really bad reviews for this novel. The main culprit seems to be that some people complain about his characterization of the children which are "too smart and adult" for some readers. Dean doesn't have kids of his own, so what? I've been this young before myself (we all have, ha) and sorry, but I wasn't the stupid little kid some readers obviously wanted the children to be in the book. Maybe they were stupid kids themselves, or their own kids are stupid. Seriously. Why can't children be deep characters too? In fact, they should be. Nuff said.

New books this week?
Not all that many, but then again, we've already established that I have TBR piles that reach the ceiling alreadys, sooo ... all I added was the eBook The Commander And The Den Asaan Rautu (Michelle Franklin) which I've won at The Slowest Bookworm.

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  1. I'd given up too! I liked Dean Koontz when I was a kid but his recent stuff has seemed lazy. Glad he's back on form!