July 31, 2011

Books Aplenty - Disappointing dystopia

To get one thing straight right from the start - dystopia is one of my favorite genres. Add that I've been able to read some truly great, in some cases outstanding, dystopian novels lately. Then came another one it it was just plain awful. To me anyway. I'm not really sure who to blame. The idea is really fascinating, but that's about the only good thing I can say about the book. Alright, the cover is neat too. The narrative gave me heartburn and the shallow characters headaches. Worst of all there's this super religious girl who wants to "safe" her twin sister and then ends up doing the naked pretzel with a guy because he looks like Jesus does in her dreams!? This is beyond weird. If you haven't guessed already, I'm talking about Bumped (Megan McCafferty). I realize some love the book, but I simply didn't. End of story.

As to avoid further "novellus horrendus" experiences of the dystopian kind I decided to read The Second Messiah (Glenn Meade) next. This was a solid thriller where all kinds of people are chasing after a Dead Sea Scroll with a shocking revelation in it. Basically if you like Dan Brown, you'll enjoy the book too. It was a bit slow at first but finally sped up in the last part of the book and overall it was a good book, but it did not hold all that many surprises which might have pushed it towards a great read.

So that no one can call me lazy I also caught up a bit with my LibraryThing books this week.

Shelter: Blood Haze (Tara Shuler) was a YA vampire book which actually didn't start out so bad, probably because I liked the unique take on vampires presented here. Unfortunately the story itself was run-of-the mill filled with stereotypes, no big surprises and an open end that will be continued in a sequel. Don't ask me why anyone would write a 120 pages book and call it Part 1 if the whole story in one full fledged novel would make way more sense. Not as though I plan to continue reading, but anyway.

Nowhere To Go (Iain Rowan) is a collection of suspenseful short stories, all very well-written, and superbly devised, with a wonderful eye for detail, letting the reader catch a glimpse into the dark abyss of the human heart. What a treat after the last book! I really really need to get my hands on his other short story collection Ice Age too. That one features "stories from the strange and chilling" which sounds like just the thing for me!

Hanging my head in shame, here are my bookish confessions of the week.

I mightn't have won the giveaway, but as a small "Thanks for entering!" I received Rebellion (Rachel Cotterill) by the author.

Silly me had to check on Christianbook for freebies too and, long story short, here's my huge eBook haul from the site - Daughter Of Joy (Kathleen Morgan), Surrender The Heart (MaryLu Tyndall), Stealing Jake (Pam Hillman), Cash Burn (Michael Berrier), Delivery (Diana Brusik), The Frontierman's Daughter (Laura Frantz), Sixteen Brides (Stephanie Grace Whitson), The Vigilante's Bride (Yvonne Harris), Monday Night Jihad (Jason Elam), Ransome's Honor (Kaye Dacus), A Kiss Of Adventure (Catherine Palmer), Miss Match (Erynn Mangum) and Code Blue (Richard L. Mabry).
Sometimes I wish they'd stop this free eBooks thing there, because my TBR piles are ever growing, but then again ...

And wouldn't you know it? I am down to one, yes one as in solitary and single, book on my NetGalley list. You can probably imagine what this translates to? Yes. Requests. All of which were granted, though it turned out that one publisher archived the book before I had the chance to download it. Or maybe they didn't take a look before granting my request? Anyway. Here's my haul - Promote Your Book (Patricia Fry), Sweet Invention (Michael Krondl) and Darkness Falling (Peter Crowther). As you can see, I went for a rather diverse choice of books this time round. Writing. Food. Science Fiction.

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  1. I'm happily crossing off Bumped from my list! :) Plus I had too many YA, so my next month is pretty much solidly UF and PNR. Enjoy your books!