July 10, 2011

Books Aplenty - Request hiatus

Take a wild guess what all the books I read this week have in common. A touch of paranormalcy. Quite unusual for me, I admit. But since I started book blogging I soak up all kinds of books that I wouldn't have touched a year ago. Some sucked, others were awesome, but the bottom line is that I certainyl don't regret broadening my reading horizon.

I already read and enjoyed another book by the author and A Modern Witch (Debora Geary) didn't disappoint either. Pointy hats and cauldrons? Nope. We are talking about modern witches after all, and that's how poor Lauren ends up in a chatroom for witches just to find out that she is a witch too. The wonderful characters and witty dialogues made this book a delight.

You could say Following My Toes (Laurel Osterkamp) is chick-lit with a serious undertone. Girl (who gets itchy toes when something good's about to happen) gets dumped just to find out her guy fell in love with her best friend. What sounds like a run-of-the-mill plot is an engaging journey of self-discovery, learning to let go and learning forgiveness. An enjoyable, touching and fun read!

When you go Too Near The Edge (Lynn Osterkamp) you might fall and die, which is exactly what happend to Adam. Cleo is a grieve counselor and helps people through their loss and also to come to a conclussion by contacting the dead. This is just what Adam's widow does, because she's got the feeling the drop was no accident. All in all a nice but not overly thrilling mystery novel. The strange thing about this book was how it felt like I've read it all before, but I know I haven't. All those paranormal threads seem to lead to a case of deja-vu on my part.

You might have noticed how many books from LibraryThing's reviewer program keep on rolling in each week. While I very much appreciate the possibility of getting to know new authors through the Member Giveaway, I realized that I've already received so many books during the past six months which are just waiting to be read (and ultimately reviewed) that I decided to go on a request-hiatus. It only makes sense. Really.

Yet, I have been able to add some eBooks to my TBR list, because I couldn't resist. Yes, they were free. Why are you even asking?

Dead Man's Eye (Shaun Jeffrey) which I had to have after reading two absolutely fantastic books by the author (thanks to the LibraryThing Member Giveaway, ahem) and after recently having won a book by Ami Blackwelder I checked out other works by her and stumbled upon The Ancient Genesis which sounded wonderfully intriguing and just like the kind of thing I love to read.

I wish I could say I only added these two, but no, there was this teeny weeny Sourcebook promotion which ended in a couple of free downloads - Lady Of Hay (Barbara Erskine), Kiss At Your Own Risk (Stephanie Rowe), The Fire Lord's Lover (Kathryne Kennedy), Never A Bride (Amelia Grey) and A Mistress' House (Leigh Michaels).

And finally, my Christianbook eBook loot - Heartless (Anne Elisabeth Stengl), Through The Fire (Shawn Grady), All Through The Night (Davis Bunn), The Outsider (Ann H. Gabhart) and Back On Murder (J. Mark Bertrand).

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