July 15, 2011

The Others - Chris Manby

In the beginning there was a girl that met an ape. Sounds like your every day romantic situation, But in case of Girl Meets Ape the girl really meets an ape, and a guy too, alright. I probably wouldn't even know Chris Manby weren't it for the fact that I was on vacation in the UK several years ago and buying a Cosmopolitan that came with a free copy of said book. I believe I even bought the magazine because of the freebie, because the title made me chuckle. Then I read it, laughed some more, and was instantly hooked to Chris' funny writing style.

As you probably noticed I really like the chick lit genre, so it's probably not all too surprising that Chris Manby is one of those authors whose newest novel inevitably goes on my to-buy list. While some might argue that all those chick lit authors/books are basically all the same anyway *gasp* this is simply not true. Of course there is a common ground, but there is a lot of difference there too, and something that distinguishes Chris from authors like Jennifer Crusie or Jill Mansell, is her wonderful writing style. Funny, smart, a touch of soap opera with a comical edge, probably describes her books best. Add a very distinctive narrative that makes her writing instantly recognizable. I can't wait to get my hands on Chrissie's next novel Kate's Wedding once it comes out. Chrissie? Just read on.

Starting out with writing erotica under the pen name Stephanie Ash, as not to embarrass her parents, Chris was soon discovered by a literary agent. The first novel under her real name was Flatmates, which got published in 1997. Thirteen novels on the single life later, her novel Getting Over Mr. Right came out with the name Chrissie Manby on the cover. Actually this name change has been on Chris' mind since after her second novel, having had one too many emails addressed to Mr. Manby, despite her author photo.


  1. I started one book by her, I think it was called "Getting Personal", but it was a DNF. There was this one scene where one of the protags was chained naked on the bed and left there (or something similar) and that was so cringingly embarrassing, I had to stop there and then.

  2. I haven't read that one yet, as I started reading the latest of her novels and slowly work myself back to the earlier ones. Maybe you should give a more recent book of hers a try!

  3. I got my first Chris Manby with an issue of Cosmo too! I have this on my TBR.