July 23, 2011

Pajama Musings - And then came Google+

In this day and age it's almost a miracle if someone hasn't got a profile in at least one Social Network, such as Facebook, MySpace, or as of lately, Google+, or Sharing Networks, like YouTube and Flickr, or the good old Blogging Networks, such as Wordpress and Blogger. And let's not forget the Microblog Twitter. Of course that is naming just a few in the vast Social Media landscape.

You want an audience? Just pick your share of different media outlets to share whatever you feel like sharing with the world. You want to stay connected with family and friends? Once again, pick your preferred network(s) and share pictures of your latest vacation or the sweater you knit for your cat. There are countless possibilities of what and why someone will (or will not) use this or that Social Network. As is also the case with me.

Noticed the Facebook button way down in the right side bar of my blog?
I've been on Facebook for a few years now and generally I use it to reconnect with people from the good ol' days, or even more importantly, to stay in touch with a whole lot of friends living in the US. Oddly enough, since I started blogging regularily at the end of last year, I'm not hanging that much around anymore, sticking my nose into the Blogger Newsfeed instead. Though I also connected with a few fellow bloggers on Facebook now, and admittedly I'm also playing with the idea of a fan page for The Book Garden. We'll see.

Noticed that there is no Twitter button to be found in my right side bar?
That's probably a small miracle in itself, seeing how pretty much everybody seems to be on Twitter these days. You can follow almost every blog not only through GFC but the bloggers will have Twitter accounts too. I must be one of the rare species who still resists to sign up for it. And I have a damn good reason ... wait for it ... Twitter is plain ugly. Now, that might be a strange thing to say, but it's true. It's just not esthetically appealing and to top it, the newsfeed (or whatever it might be called) is utterly confusing. Maybe I have an underdeveloped Twitter gene, alright. Some people swear by it, because you can connect with authors and publicists (that's the book blogger refrain) and while this is admittedly a wee bit tempting even for me, I can't get over the incapability of my brain to get the whole Twitter craze.

And then came Google+ ...
Stop looking for a button of it in that side bar, because there is none. Yet, anyway.
I'm on it though. For a few days now. We can't even speak of a one-week-anniversary yet. Well, tomorrow we technically can. I noticed that two fellow bloggers are on Google+ and when one posted that she'd send out an invite upon request I asked her for one. I signed up. Was confused for a bit. And I started to like it. Google+, not the confusion. Of course the big question is do I really need it? I'm on Facebook already, after all. I'm not really sure either. Maybe I will restrict my activity here to everything book and blog related. So far I added a few fellow bloggers, and a couple authors too. I must confess, I like the whole Circle thing, the possibility to follow even if you're not being followed back (actually, this is a bit like the Facebook fan pages of you ask me) and the fact that you can choose for each and every thing you post who'll be able to see it. Of course it's still the test phase with room for lots of improvement, but so far I like what I see. And lo and behold, it doesn't insult my eyes either.

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,
Google+ might still be in diapers, but you should be scared ... very scared!
Yours sincerely,
A Google+ user


  1. The unpleasing looks of twitter can easily be changed. If you use twitter with your browser you can create your own twitter background which makes it much more appealing. And if you use something like tweetdeck twitter is very convenient, but admittedly very confusing to look at at in the beginning.
    Maybe you should just give it a try. It took me about a year to get into it.

  2. The thing with Twitter is to take it a sa conversation of sorts. You have to dip in and read what's happening now rather than trying to keep up with everyone. It's an amazing way to connect and I use it more than any other social network. Like you I use Facebook to keep in touch but I'm not on there very often and most my feed is automated.

    As for G+, I think the good stuff is yet to come when the integrate all the Google suite of products including blogger, reader, docs and calendar.

  3. I found Twitter confusing when I forst signed up, then after 12 months of not using my account I gradually got into it. I'd certainly advise having a Twitter account... most of the publishers have an account on there and they often host giveaways/discussions.

  4. I'm on G+ too, and it's a total bloody mystery to me! You've helped some though. THANKS! :P

  5. I signed up for twitter a few months ago, and haven't used it. The idea that I must contain myself to 140 characters is insane. :) I didn't even know about Google+ - I always feel so far behind you technologically!