July 16, 2011

Pajama Musings - Buy me a coffee

I could do with a nice hot drink right now. It's still early and not sweltering hot (yet) so no real need to resort to chilled water from the fridge. I'll have that when temps hit the 90s and until then a hot cup of cof ... uhm, tea, will be just perfect. Yes, tea. I want tea while asking for coffee. I'm strange like that. Even more so, I call myself a writer. Ha. But seriously, not every writer runs on coffee (or booze, for that matter) and yes, I run mostly on tea. As far as coffee is concerned I usually drink one or two iced coffees when I'm on vacation somewhere. I'm currently not on vacation. End of story.

Alright, maybe not the end as in THE END, but close enough.

The question you might ask yourself now is why then did I ever put up this very blog button on the top of the sidebar?

It actually has more to do with the creativity part than with the coffee part. I liked the idea. And the picture. Simple as that. Unfortunatelly I didn't find a similar pic where it says tea instead of coffee.

Anyway. If you follow more than a handfull of blogs you will probably have come across one of those Paypal Donation buttons where you may contribute to costs relating to giveaways on the respective blog. While I think this is a great idea, and admittedly my blog button is also linked to my own Paypal account, I'm taking a totally different approach. Ultimately I want people to click on that button simply because they love my blog and appreciate the work and creativity I put into it. I'd still use the donations towards giveaways, but that's not the point.

Truth be told I don't really expect people to come running and shelling out money either way. I guess my blog is neither big enough for this nor am I making it too obvious with the blog button I chose. Like I said, I liked the idea and the button itself, even though it features a coffee cup and not a tea mug. And while I haven't received any "donations" yet, it was a sweet but simple reaction to that button that made my day. I helped out an author who was looking for reviewers of her book with a tip on where to find lists with book bloggers by genre. Not that big a deal when you know where to look, really, but she replied to thank me and told me how she likes my blog and that she'll buy me a cup of coffee once her book starts selling. These lines really made my day. Not because there might be money in it for me. Just because someone showed appreciation for what I do on my blog. And those words are worth more than any cup of coffee. Or tea.

How about you? Are you a blogger yourself? If so, have you put up a donation button, and in case you have, what are your experiences with it?
And as a blog reader what are your thoughts on those donation buttons? Do you like the idea or is it something you don't really think or care about or are you even offended by them?
Let me know!


  1. I think a lot of bloggers are quite young and don't have a good steady income therefore ask for donations for giveaways. I've got myself an Amazon associates account which I will put any earnings into the giveaway pot but otherwise I fund my blog myself. It's still cheaper than going out and getting drunk at the weekends!

  2. I'm there with Ellie - it is cheaper :) I do think it's a good idea to have that button, and I'm thinking of having one myself as it would help with the cost of sending books to US for example (it is expensive if you send from UK). Your approach is great and more fun than just Paypal button, Birgit. I would do something funny too hopefully when I'm ready for it. :)

  3. I never considered it. Of course, I don't have mobs of people following my blog, and I'm not doing giveaways.

    This may be showing my Americanism- but what is the difference between a coffee cup and a tea mug? Here we use the same for both...

  4. With my many personalities I don't qualify as a mob of followers? Hmmm ...

    The difference between a coffee cup and a tea mug? The first is smaller than the second, at least in my imagination, hahaha! Of course you can have both beverages in either a cup or a mug, but I kinda prefer tea in a huuuge mug, you know!