July 30, 2011

Pajama Musings - The end of the line

Is there anything worse than your computer dying in front of your eyes? Or more specifically, the internet connection saying its final goodbuy without any warning? Alright, there are things worse than this. War and pestilence and airplane food, to name just a few. Still, it's as if your lifeline has been cut and you feel the sudden urge to open the windows (the ones in your apartment, not Windows on the computer) and scream "Is there anybody out there?" Maybe I'm being a drama queen, but if you've never had to face an internet related computer crisis then trust me, it's not funny.

Actually it's a shame how much we all depend on an internet connection. While it's great for so many things, from looking up a telephone number to buying stuff online, it's also a major distraction. And if you think I'd have got more things done while the internet was down, things like writing maybe, you're wrong. I fired up my netbook and was all set. Well, more or less. First thing I did was find a telephone number (see, very useful) for a computer technician. Then I checked my e-mail. Old habits die hard. To be fair though, I didn't actually stay online that long with my netbook. And the writing I did was preparinf blog posts. Period.

Now I sit at my computer again, the internet connection revived (for the moment anyway), yet the Firefox crash problem ,which might have to do with the whole ordeal, still in action. In short: I write this in Internet Explorer, but what can you do when Firefox obviously has the rabies? I guess me and the computer guy will meet again next week. No way around it. And by the looks of it that fox will have to be shot, because Explorer isn't crashing. So far.

Anybody wondering what would have happend if I didn't have my life saver aka netbook? Think about the ultimate catastrophy for a blogger. Unable. To. Access. Your. Blog. Blog posts might not appear when they should (because they haven't been written yet) while other blog posts might appear in a half finished state (yep, sometimes I prepare full texts in advance but more often I just jot down a few lines to remind myself what I want to write about on a specific day). Mayhem. Chaos. The end of the blogging line.

Anyone else out there who won't just sit back and relax, take things as they are, when stuff like this happens? I mean, hey, if one situation qualifies for a slight panic then it must be a severed internet connection.


  1. Well, worse than not having an internet connection, even if that happens right in the middle of an important task is having your comp crash... OMG! I experienced this twice, and the first time was dreadful, since I didn't have almost anything saved. The second time I tried not to cry, but I did panic and swear a lot :)) I guess that happens just as a reminder that there is life beyond the screen :)

  2. When there's a blackout. There you feel the need for electricity, specially the internet to keep you entertained. For a Internet browser, I use Sarafi for Windows and it's good, clean. It's getting slow now but I think is my laptop's fault.

  3. Oh no! Hope it will resolve itself. I hate when it happens. I sometimes have to go back a few days and reset my laptop to the settings couple of days old. Usually it's new updates that can muddle things up. Good Luck!

  4. Remember life before the internet? :) But seriously, this is one of the times it's handy to live with a computer geek- because he gets even more upset than anyone when the computer crashes or the internet crashes. I've known him to run out at 8pm to get to the computer store in Cincinnati before it closes to get the part he needs. You'd almost think it were a vital organ. :)