July 9, 2011

Pajama Musings - Let's fry some eggplants

I don't do heat. I can't stand it. I don't like it. In fact, I hate it. Add humidity and you'll hear me ranting about it all day long. At night too. Especially when I can't fall asleep because my bedroom feels like an oven. And obviously I don't have AC in my apartment.

Now you might wonder what all this talk about the hot weather has got to do with books. Quite a lot actually. You see, when it's too hot to move much ... let's rephrase this ... when it's too hot for me to be motivated to move much, just sitting in a relatively cool spot reading a book seems like a good idea.

The problem about this scenario is that the only cool place I can think of (apart of Antarctica) is the basement and quite frankly, it's everything but inviting down there. It's got this lovely bare brickwork atmosphere, lots of dust dancing in the air, and they still haven't put in a new light bulb right in front of my cellar compartment either. And even if it were a nice place to be it's jammed with so much stuff you can barely turn around not to mention put up a chair to sit down. So, in short, the basement is not an option.

Then there is the balcony. Small but with a real nice view. Unfortunatelly it's facing south which means you can fry an eggplant on the floor tiles during summer. Or teach a bear to dance (which I would never do, I'm just pointing this out to show just how hot the floor outside is). Even if you put up a sunshade the air itself is unbearably hot, so the balcony is off limits during July/August.

In case your kitchen heats up too much during summer, why not try to fry some eggplants on the hot floor tiles on your balcony?

Apropos kitchen. This might be an unlikely candidate for cooling down (unless you order pizza delivery or resort to the "fried eggplant scenario"), but then there is the possibility of taking up residency in front of the open freezer. Not so great for the content of the freezer, or the electricity bill, but wonderful for those in need of an arctic blast.

What it all (literally) boils down to is that it's damn' hard to find a cool spot for reading. In the end I just slouch on the bed, cling to a book, and seeing how I don't hold it with my arms spread like I wanted to do the chicken dance, I will inevitably sport damp armpits. And thinking really cool thoughts (or reading about Arctic expeditions) unfortunatelly won't help. Not much anyway.

Have you got a nice cool spot for reading during those sweltering days in summer? Are you blessed with a state-of-the-art AC in your home? Or a minion who will fan you with a palm branch and serve cool drinks? Either way, if you're willing to share your (cool) home or (hot, hehe) minion with me, I will be forever thankful.


  1. I enjoyed this post! I so dislike hot/humidity too! Luckily my husband is "sensitive" & having the AC 24/7 is alright with him (he pays the bills ..I don't want to look at it or I might pass out!)..so he's my hot minion.. but sorry I don't want to share him. =] ~btw, I love eggplants ..maybe I'll have to fry some up outside. --Maybe you'll have to visit your neighborhood AC'd bookstore... stay cool!

  2. wet some papertowels or a washcloth in very cold water, wring it out (so it's not dripping) and then put them on your wrists, or even the back of you neck. It will help cool you down. If you can do it and sit near a fan, even better! You can also put a container of water in front of a fan and let the fan blow over it, it will make things cooler.

    These are things I've used in the unfortunate times our A/C has gone out! :) We have central air in the house, and I have an additional a/c in my room so it's cool when I sleep.

  3. I hate the heat. I have one ac that cools the house, but not every room. I drink lots if iced coffee.