July 11, 2011

A Writer's Life - Please don't stop the music

Some writers do. Some writers don't.

Turn on the music while writing, that is.

I know that there are a lot of people who are able to read with music blaring, then there are those who need a bit of background music while learning, and let's not forget the ones who can't drive without turning on the radio in the car. As far as I'm concerned I want absolute quiet in all three cases. Oddly enough though I need a soundtrack when I'm writing. Not always but most of the time.

Every writer has their own quirks about their preferred writing soundtrack and the musical theme doesn't always have to match what exactly we are working on. Though it helps not to listen to country music while writing a death scene. I think.

As to my own writing soundtracks aka my current favorites to stimulate my inner muse, you will notice they are all female artist. That's got to do with my personal taste in music as much as my obvious heavy emphasis on strong female characters. I guess. Sometimes I pop in a Maroon 5 CD, so don't worry about too little testosterone.

"my current obsession"
Will be on replay no matter what I'm writing on.
21 (Adele), Endlessly (Duffy)

"the epic one"
For those scenes of epic proportions.
The Book of Secrets (Loreena McKennitt), The Memory of Trees (Enya)

"the bubbly introspection"
Giving my girls some edge.
Bible Belt
(Diane Birch), Fact & Fiction (Kristen Hall), If Songs Could be Held (Rosie Thomas), Bramble Rose (Tift Merritt), Identity Crisis (Shelby Lynne)

Just for the love of Tori, really.

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