July 18, 2011

A Writer's Life - When I'm not writing

Writer's write. But that's not all we do. There are other things we like to engage in too, especially when we go on a mini vacay like yours truly!

Thus I'm not writing today. This blog post? Prepared the previous weekend. Me, I'm in the middle of doing one of the following things while you are reading this ...

... oh, wait, to give you an idea of where I am, here's a pic from one of my previous stays.

And now, my wonderful to-do list for the next few days ...

Devouring the latest Dean Koontz novel in the shade of a tree

Lazily floating in the thermal water with a pool noodle tucked under each arm

Digging in at the dinner buffet with all its delicious dishes (made from regional products and with tons of vegetarian options, yummy)

Hiking through the woods surrounding the hotel area

Cooling off in the fresh water wave pool (if I'm brave enough, because usually the lure of the warm thermal water wins)

Eat a pack of vegan gummi bears each day (I'm kind of addicted to this stuff)

Snapping lots and lots of photos of the beautiful setting

Voluntarily getting up at 7 in the morning to go for an early swim while the air is still cool enough to have steam clouds drifting over the warm water

Tucking in fresh fruits and Gugelhupf for breakfast

People watching in the Turkish bath ... just kidding ... besides, with all that steam you don't see that much anyway *lol*


  1. That spa looks fantastic! Note to self: visit Austria again :))

  2. That spa is seriously beautiful. I've never actually thought of going to Austria--that is now changing.