July 25, 2011

A Writer's Life - Writing Rules

1. I see it more like a road that goes up and down and up and down with eventually getting to higher elevations.

2. If that were true certain authors and their readers should have already died of boredom.

3. Ain't it the truth.

4. I guess not, but a rhyme or two don't hurt either.

5. This really depends. Sometimes you need a stereotypic character/situation to make the story work.

6. If writers read all the time, when would they write then? Let's stick to "writers's read a lot".

7. Woohoo, I looove lists! But why would I want to make lists about my fav things? I create lists of my characters fav things!

8. Not that I have anything against books that only mean to entertain, but it wouldn't be me if there were no message at all in my own writing.

9. Absolutely. You never know when an idea will strike.

10. I've walked, I've danced, I have no weeds to pull, and I wish I had a minion doing my dishes. Maybe that's something to write about as well?

11. Let me think about this for a minute. Haikus? Nah ...

12. That's a good one! As if there were only two sides to a story. Usually there are half a dozen. Then again, maybe that's just me.

12 1/2. Isn't that what I'm doing already? Writing this blog post?


  1. come visit if you need to pull weeds!

  2. New desktop wallpaper, methinks! Thanks!