August 14, 2011

Books Aplenty - Been an awful good girl aka reviewer

This week I've been a good reviewer. After Monday's blog post where I admitted to be in hibernation mode as far as reviews go, I've said to myself "Self! Write those darn reviews!". So who am I not to listen to myself? I plonked down and finally got them all done. Very proud of self. And as I still had enough momentum I started on my NetGalley reading pile too. I almost don't dare to admit this, but one of the books I've requested in late December or maybe early January, in other words a long time ago. Good thing is that as long as the publisher won't archive the book you can download it again. Of course now it's been archived and I had to get going.

I kicked off the reading week with Darkness Falling (Peter Crowther) which can be best described as a zombie-infested science fiction novel. I really liked the basic idea and how the author sets out to create deep characters. Unfortunately he did this so minutely detailed that it started to drag pretty early on. I usually appreciate the effort of bringing characters and situations to life, but in this case it was just too much. Almost 300 pages and all this first book of a series provides is how people who haven't been "changed" come together. Please, read the next book for further details. Sorry, but that's not good enough for me.

Then came Views From The Loft (Daniel Slager) and trust me, I really wanted to read this book, but somehow it always got pushed back for another book that I wanted to read even more. Finally its day had come. This compendium for writers is a pretty wild mix of interviews, articles, and essays (or shall I say musings) by a diverse number of authors. In the end I felt that this book gives more insight into individual writer's minds than providing actual tips on writing, publishing, critique, etc. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but those who are just taking their first baby steps as writers will probably not be able to gain that much from reading the book. Personally I enjoyed most of the book, maybe not so much the stuff on poetry, but there have been quite a few pieces that were outstanding for me, thus making the read more than worthwhile.

And for the weekend I decided to spoil myself a bit and finally start on Mini Shopaholic (Sophie Kinsella). This book is in the best shopaholic tradition this time round with Becky trying to keep her little daughter under control while trying to plan a surprise birthday party for her husband. Things that can go wrong, will go wrong, but of course there is a happy ending after all. It certainly hasn't been the best book in the whole series, but after so many previous novels that's hardly surprising - books often have the tendency to comfortably settle for average, because the topics aren't that new but overall it's still entertaining. And it's safe to say it looks like Becky will be going to Hollywood in the sequel.

What's news?

I've won The Scavenger's Daughter (Mike McIntyre) on Book'd Out and Without Mercy (Belinda Boring) on her Blog Tour (for the life of me I don't remember on which stop aka blog I've won it as I entered for the book on several stops) ... yep, that's it as far as food for my eReader goes.

A truly wonderful IMM post to follow!

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  1. I have to admit I've been neglecting those NetGalley titles recently though I did manage to get one review done last week. I blame it on all the lovely publishers that are sending me real books, I just can't keep up!