August 21, 2011

Books Aplenty - Read read read before I leave

Seeing how I will be going on vacation very soon I've tried to catch up with all my reviews lately and decided it won't hurt if I read other books from my TBR stacks too. I'd say I've been rather successful with my plan. Let's see ...

I started into the week with Journey Across The Four Seas (Veronica Li) which is a memoir she wrote about her Chinese mother who tried to escape poverty through education and wanted the same for her own children later on. The book is so multifaceted it's hard to summarize it all now, then again we are talking about a life, and Flora Li sure had an adventurous and hard one. I loved how the clear voice of the author's mother made the read not only a delight, but even more so how much insight she gives readers into life at the time (early/mid 20th century). Highly recommended even for those who dread memoirs!

Can books that claim to have tons of advice for you really help? I think Promote Your Book (Patricia Fry) really can. Before I start on how great this book is, let me cut this short and just say that my review will be up later today, so stick around for it.

For the weekend I went for some deliciously haunting reads. I picked the three books of the Tales Of Terror (Chris Priestley) series that I've won this spring and which have already started to gather dust. I know I know. The fate of many a books on my TBR piles. I hit it off with Uncle Montague's Tales Of Terror which actually was my favorite of the three, with good ol' uncle Montague telling scary tales to his nephew. Tales Of Terror From The Black Ship runs along the same lines, this time with stories of the creepy and seafaring kind, and the last one was Tales Of Terror From The Tunnel's Mouth where a boy finds company by a spooky narrator on a train. I realize the books of this series are actually aimed at a young audience, but I thoroughly enjoyed them as they are so intricately written, sort of a kids version of Edgar Allan Poe, and ultimately it was just like the kind of books I loved when I was a kid.

What is new?

You probably won't believe a word I'm saying, but I swear I didn't add any new books this week ... at least no eBooks *cough*.

Yep, IMM post is up next!


  1. Hi Birgit! it's been awhile since I picked up a book, too much to do. My husband and I have been fixing what needs to be fixed around the house and I have been doing a bit of redecorating in the family room....I know, no excuses for not reading! LOL! Have a wonderful vacation friend! hugs, Jennifer

  2. You may be the only person I know who crams reading books BEFORE they go on vacation. Most people just take the books with them! Here, I'm looking forward to my first vacation with my nook- so much more space in my little bag! YAY!

  3. Hi girls,
    I'm already awfully excited about my vacation AND I'm really not going to pack any books. Shocker. I Know. Haha. In fact, I will post about book-less traveling next Saturday.