August 7, 2011

Books Aplenty - This week's reading menu

I've been reading quite a bit this week, picking food for thought from my storage shelves. Isn't that a lovely term for TBR piles? I think so too.

My True Essence
(Shawneda Marks) is a Christian book about women with breast cancer who are trying to cope with their fate. Certainly an important topic and it shows how the author puts her heart into it. I have to admit that I didn't realize it was very focused on the Christian faith. While I'm not religious I have to say that this was the one good thing the novel had going for it, because it didn't come across as preachy but merely showing characters living a Christian life. My problem was that I simply couldn't relate with the characters. Their fate was tragic, of course, but I couldn't "feel" this while reading. I believe that the book would be a whole lot better if the cast as well as the plot, were granted more depth to touch the reader's emotions.

Ghosts Of Coronado Bay (JG Faherty) is a YA book that focuses on two things - ghosts trying to come back to life through the blood of a virgin and high school girls who've only got sex on their minds. I have no idea where the (male) author gets the idea how girls tick (and think), but he should choose a better source next time. Plot? *rolls eyes* Characters? Argh! Verdict? Stay clear of this book.

Then I decided to spoil myself a little with the rest of The Hunger Games trilogy (Suzanne Collins). I've read the first book a while ago and had the sequels sitting on my TBR pile for some time now. When I started with Catching Fire I literally had to drag myself across the first hundred pages or so. Those were more of a recap of previous events and rather slow paced. But then things started to gain momentum and I was engrossed just like I was with the first book right until the huge cliffhanger. On the upside, I already had Mockingjay lined up to continue reading. Now it's war. A lot of it. And the Hunger Games are literally taken out in the Capitol. Add the whole love triangle that I couldn't wait to find out the end of. Who will it be? Gale or Peeta? On the last few pages I got my answer, but in a different way as I had hoped for. I would have preferred the book to end with Katniss saying "Real!"

New books?

I would have liked to say that there have been no new eBooks for a change, but then Sourcebooks had two I just had to have as free downloads *sigh* - Strange Neighbors (Ashlyn Chase) and Legacy (Jeanette Baker).

Then I've won Death By Chocolate (DeAnna Knippling) which I've won in The Great INDIE Summer Giveaway. Somehow I don't really remember entering this giveaway, but the book sounds perfect for me, I mean, hey, we're talking reading and chocolate!

And I received the memoir Journey Across The Four Seas (Veronica Li) for review from the author.

Watch out for my IMM post in a bit!

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