August 28, 2011

Books Aplenty - Vampires, anyone?

To be honest I didn't think I'd even get to do any reading these past few days, because of all the preparations for both my absence on my blog - Guest Blogger Days ahead *woot* - and getting everything ready for my vacation. Oddly enough I found some downtime (let's blame the heat) and ended up reading two books ... both are about vampires.

Anathema (K. A. Tucker) presented quite a unique combination of vampires, sorcerers, and parallel worlds. Add a bit of romance. And an ending with a twist (and the promise of a sequel). The right ingredients were there, yet some flaws dampened the reading experience a bit. First I found the whole rich-vampires thing was laid on too thickly. Secondly the author couldn't quite make up her mind about the "other world" were humans are extinct and vampires rule - not quite a second Earth, not really another dimension ... the descriptions felt inconsistent to me, then again, maybe my inner science fiction nerd needs to relax a bit as overall it's a real good book.

Betrayed (Morgan Rice) turned out to be more like an episode than a part of a series. It's safe to say that one should start reading with the first part (this being the third) to fully appreciate the story. While I did get an idea of what must have happened before, I felt I missed too much about previous events when I was suddenly thrown into the middle of vampire covens fighting and humans being "turned". Being a quick read only deepened the impression of it as more of an extended chapter of a novel and it makes me wonder why the author didn't just publish all four parts in one book. I'm not scared of books with more than 500 pages, really!

And now to what rolled in this week!

I received Predators of Darkness: Aftermath (Leonard D. Hilley) and All Hallows' Moon (SM Reine) for review by the authors.

Plus a free download (thanks to being a newsletter subscriber, so yes, sometimes it pays off to subscribe to those pesky things that clog your inbox) of The Bride Found (Tracey Jane Jackson).

Plus plus two more free downloads for filling out a BookSneeze survey recently - Plain Perfect (Beth Wiseman) and The Paradise War (Stephen R. Lawhead).

What's up next? My IMM post, of course ...

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