August 31, 2011

Guest Post "Book Buying Addictions and Other Weird Habits" by ComaCalm's Corner

Let's hear a round of applause for today's guest blogger, Vickie from ComaCalm's Corner. Vickie is a blogger from the UK who miraculously hasn't gone missing between her TBR piles ... then again, it might be only a matter of time!


Hey guys! Some of you will have seen me around the blogosphere as I blog over at ComaCalm’s Corner. So today I’m going to talk about my rather extreme book addiction and other things!
My TBR pile may shock you. At the moment it’s currently at around 480 and unfortunately that doesn’t include ebooks or my piles of Goosebumps, Shivers and Point Horror. How did I let it get to that ungodly amount? Well… before I started book blogging last year I used to go through phases. I’d read books for around three months a year then get bored and move onto other things but I’d bought more books than I read so it slowly crept up. Now I’m having to try and read those books whilst reading the new ones coming in. It wouldn’t be so bad but I’m completely addicted to buying more books and I get more books a week than I read.

You can guarantee if I have money, I will spend it on books. American editions are my ultimate weakness, I love the feel of them. The smell of new books is amazing as I’m sure a lot of you will agree. I’m a book sniffing addict. I will pause halfway through reading a book just to smell the pages. Weird, but true. I was once reading in a train station when I realized this as I was trying my hardest not to just stick my head in the pages, which would look kinda weird. I have a favourite smell, which I call ‘Narnia’ – when I was a kid my aunt bought me a box set of Narnia books which had this really distinctive smell and after a while it faded - but you never really forget smell. I bought a box set of The Immortals books from Amazon and when I smelt them I loudly proclaimed ‘They smell like Narnia!’ much to my other half’s amusement. Even thinking about it now I want to pull one of the books off the shelf and smell it.

Back to book accumulating. I know I should slow it down but somehow I just can’t. I’ll be getting some money later in the month and I’ve already planned what I will be doing with it – I want to go to Manchester as they have an amazing American section which I plan to spend a lot of time in! I’m also on Read It Swap It which isn’t too bad as I’m getting rid of books at the same time as getting them. I’m also sent quite a few books by publishers.


A few days ago, I worked out A SOLUTION! I will go to Manchester and buy way too many books BUT! That will be it. No more books for me… eBooks however…
My TBR doesn’t bother me, it’s the lack of space! So instead of buying a silly amount of tree books every month I will use the money to buy Kindle books to read (at some point). That way I’ll still get the satisfaction of buying books (or at least I’ll tell myself that it’s just as good -it’s not-) but there’s more space saved! Then I’ll buy real books when I’ve cleared some shelves! That does mean that I have to ban myself from Read It Swap It, and I’ll be selling the books instead and using the money for eBooks. But it will be worth it. It will. Right?

What is everyone else’s TBR piles like? Do you have any weird book habits?


  1. I can't stop buying books myself as well, and no matter what I tell myself (no more books this month, no more books till I finish reading the ones I have, etc) it doesn't work, and I guess the problem always reduces itself to the lack of space... My TBR pile is of about 20 books, and I have a thing which seems to be working: I can only buy a book if I finish reading two... For three months it seems to be working :)
    More about my book addiction here:

  2. Hey, if you ever wake up one morning and realize that you hate books and never want to see them again, then call me. Okay? Hahaha xD

    You got a lot of cool books in your bookshelf! I also love to buy books, but luckily I manage to stop myself before it's too late.

  3. That is an amazing pic with all those books around you! Loved it! I think it's a good plan, and I wish you all the best with it. I'm not bad with my book buying, I bought maybe 20 books since beginning of this year, but I've won quite a lot and I have a huge list of books I want to borrow from the library and a big list to read from Netgalley...So everything more or less under cotrol :))

  4. I win some from contests, buy some that I didn't win and get more books from people or groups that I review for. I now have 289 TBR in closet. I have only been entering contests and reviewing for two years. What is this going be like in 10 years!!!

    I also surveys so I can buy more boys. I think I will adopt that can't buy a book until I have a book policy.

    Carol Wong

  5. I myself go in cycles with reading. In the fall, I tend not to read as much because I'm busy knitting presents for Christmas. But even if I'm not in a 'devouring books' cycle, I end up buying books. I especially love the bargain book sections at stores- sometimes you can get some really great reads for dirt cheap! My TBR stack might be less if I didn't live with a person who's a bigger bookworm than I am. But get the two of us in the bookstore- oh what damage we can do!

  6. Oh my god, Point Horror! I ate those up in my teens. You know, I'd been wondering what I used to read between the ones I distinctly remember and that was it, Point Horror. Gawd. Nostalgia. And yes I know what you mean about smells. The last book I read smelled just a little like Old Magic. And I can't help it, I book-sniff in public. My bookshelf is insane but thankfully not quite 480 insane, more like 180, not counting the overflow I need to get rid of and my not-to-read, pretty books.

  7. it can be considered an addiction? I hope not like an illness

  8. Haha, I had exactly the same idea as you - buy a Kindle and then I won't have to buy paper books! In theory, it's an EXCELLENT idea.

    In practise, it doesn't work! I do buy books for my Kindle, but more often than not I decide that I desperately need them on my shelf too...

    I have way more books coming in than I can manage to read. I'm on ReaditSwapit too, it's lethal for my TBR pile :)

  9. My TBR pile is nowhere near yours but it's still too big for my comfort. Also I haven't been reading much lately and in the meantime my TBR increased.
    I'm not sure about book-habits. I'm really picky when it comes to book covers not sure if that counts. And I've been working on that. I'm currently reading something I wouldn't have thought possible a couple of weeks ago because the cover is so horrendous. I feel like whoever designed (or approved) it must have hated the author or something.