August 13, 2011

Pajama Musings - Boys'n'Girls

You should have heard me break out in laughter when I read a particular comment to the latest blog hop. I asked folks to answer a mandatory question - Reading at the beach - yay or nay? - and received all kinds of answers to that. Most where to be expected, but this one sure cracked me up, but not for the most obvious reason.

My answer to reading at the beach is nay, I prefer to watch the women in bikinis when I am at the beach.

I am admittedly not 100% sure whether the entrant (who shall remain unnamed, though you could obviously find him in the comments section of the giveaway if you really need to know ... cover blown, I guess ... but seeing how he's a fellow book blogger he will hopefully take my blog post in good humor *cough*) even took a look at what can be won in the giveaway or not. You might remember that I've been giving away a set of sexy summer reads by Rachel Gibson and Jennifer Crusie. We're talking romance novel and chick lit here. And now there's a guy entering the giveaway which brings me to two conclusions.

He might have entered to win the books for his girlfriend (who would probably not be amused about him checking out other chicks at the beach, but will forgive him if she gets two lovely books for free).

Or he plans on reading them himself.

Now there is an interesting thought! Seriously! Just because some books are so obviously aimed at a female readership doesn't mean that guys might not actually like them too. Granted, I have a hard time imagining a man lounging at the pool (or beach or where ever) and reading, say, a historical romance, but why should a man not like a well-written, funny, smart, and most of all sexy read?

I think the point is that men enjoy books (and let's just stick to historical romances now) with history, drama and happily ever afters just as much as women do. The difference is that most men just don't admit it ... unlike my commenter who might read this at this very moment and only ever realize that he either entered the giveaway totally overlooking what he could win or that unfortunately he did not win.

Personally, I don't know any guy who reads novels that seem to be intended for a strictly female readership, but maybe you do? Maybe your brother, husband, male co-worker, or even grandpa reads books with lovestruck couples on the cover? And even more so, what are your thoughts on guys reading romance novels? Weird or absolutely ok? Let me know.


  1. Erich has a habit of picking up the book I'm reading and starting to read it himself. When it's a Debbie Macomber book, he cracks up. But as he humorously recites parts of it back to me, I realize he read much more than a paragraph! Makes ya wonder....

  2. I met a guy online once who owned up to reading them. It IS a bit strange, isn't it. On the other hand I wouldn't find it strange if a woman read guys' lit - if there is such a thing, not sure.

    Actually, if my man prefers to watch the bikinis on the beach, he should go for it. I do enjoy to watch some handsome abs or sixpacks, so what's the difference?

  3. Erich seems to be quite an eclectic reader ... why don't you read any of his (male) books, Amy? ;-)

    And yes, it is kind of weird, and if I should ever see a guy read a romance novel I'm going to ask him why he enjoys them. Now to find such a man ...

  4. Is there male lit? I read books about sports and war, I guess it's kind of the same thing...

  5. I don't really know about male lit as such, though I once read books by Mike Gayle and afterwards I decided to call it "bloke lit" (the male version of chick lit).
    Are books about sport or war really only for men? I don't know. Then again, both sound about as boring to me as historical romances must sound for a guy.

  6. Ha! Funny. My DH is not a reader (except car manuals). He always says he will wait for the movie. My step son and son read but Step Son, the doctor, reads medical themes and or more serious literature. Son (newly married and surely NOT reading)used to read sci fi and things like LOTR, Harry Potter and Twilight. I know I have heard of men who read romance but not many. I think it would be okay. Maybe they'd learn a thing or two. :-)