August 22, 2011

A Writer's Life - Back pain

Every time someone mentions buying a new computer chair I am painfully reminded that I should do the same. In fact, I've been saying that for at least two years now. You see the chair that I'm currently sitting on is old. Really old. My grandpa bought it for me around the time I got my very first computer which, to give you an idea about the time line I'm talking about, was way back in 1995. Trust me, sixteen years are enough to leave an imprint of your butt in a computer chair that once was well padded and bouncy, while the padding has in the meantime succumbed to my derriere and is creaking and moaning like an old ship when I lean to one side or the other. I might be able to ignore the noise, but it's different with my back pain. Lately it seems that half an hour is enough to make me creak and moan as well when I get up again. Some might argue that it's me who turned older too, and rightly so, but let's face it, I at least am still well padded in all the right places and my own padding deserves to be seated on something comfy again. So it's bye bye to the old and in with the new!

This is what I'm thinking of ... a self adjusting ergonomic chair!

And this is what my budget allows ...

Either way, it's a painful writer's life with the current computer chair, so a new one is in order. I'll keep you posted!


  1. That first chair looks like it belongs to some mad scientist whose life dream it is to create the perfect man out of dead material. Ergonomic it may be, but I'd go with the wooden one any day.

  2. If it's comfortable and good for my old bones, I take mad-scientist over grandma's-chair any day *lol*.

  3. I guess being a good writer comes with having the most amazing/comfy chair, so it's imperative for you to buy one :) I have been looking for a better one myself, but found nothing worth spending money on...