August 1, 2011

A Writer's Life - Guest blogging

So there it was. The idea to have a few fellow bloggers over while I'm away on vacation in early September. Of course that's not where it ends. After sending out my guest blogger requests to some of my favorite book bloggers I realized that my plan of letting others do my work while I'm away had gone viral. Alright, maybe that's taking it a bit too far, but still. Stella from Ex Libris decided to borrow *cough* steal *cough* my idea and also invited me to do at guest post for her. Of course I agreed - my very first guest post ever! I was honored and flattered and ... a slight panic set in too.
Will she like what I write?
Will her followers like what I write?
Will the curse of writer's block come upon me before I even type the first sentence ... and that was exactly my approach to my guest post titled The Secret Dreamworld of a Guest Blogger. Bet you can't tell which book inspired me for that title.

Oddly enough I knew right away what I wanted to blog about. There were no rules and Stella loved my suggestion of a humorous approach to what's going on in the mind of a guest blogger. When I sent out my own requests I also told everyone they could blog about pretty much anything book related. About half of them wanted to do a booktour through Scotland as that will be where I'm going, some had a handful of ideas straight away, and others were faced with what I like to call the Grandpa Phenomenon.

You see, my grandpa talks, he talks a lot. He doesn't have a mute button or off switch and his monologues are legendary. So obviously every minute of him remaining silent has always been pretty much close to a miracle. I remember it was his on a birthday many years ago and there was a big get-together of family and friends. Of course he talked and talked and talked all evening and after taking a sip of his wine and putting his glass down there was a moment of silence. Don't ask my why, but instead of appreciating the silence I turned to him and said something along the lines of "Tell me a story!" and he put down his glass, looked at me and answered "What would you like to hear?" which led to everyone at the table gasping in shock. No one had every encouraged him to talk. On the contrary. Fearfully they all waited for the inevitable. But nothing happened. Grandpa just looked at me with an expectant smile, remaining silent. For one reason or another my prompt was too, well, I'm not sure what it was, but I remember how my gandma couldn't stop laughing. Everyone did, because no one expected grandpa to remain silent instead of breaking out in yet another monologue. Of course this trick only worked this one time, but the phenomenon itself isn't so strange to most of us.

Maybe it's the writer in me that I am able to come up with something to write about in the blink of an eye. As to my lovely fellow bloggers who have all written many wonderful blog posts before, there were some who were faced with the Grandpa Phenomenon. No clue what to write (talk) about. You see, I didn't want to force people to write about something specific, so I decided to let them choose, and that was the result. I had to give out assignments. My oh my! But I think everyone was happy about my suggestions and I am really looking forward to every single one of those guest posts.

Have you every written a guest post? The seasoned blogger certainly has (hey, I'm still a spring chicken when it comes to blogging) and I wonder do you prefer being told what to write about or would you rather choose for yourself? Let me know.


  1. Great post!
    I think I'd probably have a bit of blogger's block myself :) I've never done a guest post either

    I'm another spring chicken!

  2. I need to pull my finger out and sort out my post for you. Whilst I'm away next week I'm not doing guest posts as I'll still have internet access but it's definitely on my radar for my big holiday in September. I do have an idea to offer a few review copies of books I haven't got time to read in exchange for guest reviews. That means everyone's happy including the publishers!

  3. So you plan to bribe guest bloggers?
    Why didn't I think of that ;-) ...

  4. I think, if you had said 'You need to write about x', I would have politely declined.