September 18, 2011

Books Aplenty - Back to the usual business

Now that we've established that I didn't read anything during my vacation, I must admit I've been kind of slow returning into a reading state of mind this week. Anyway.

Back to business. Books for review won't read themselves, so it was up to me. But that's ok, because both were fabulous reads.

The second in the series, All Hallow's Moon (SM Reine), was a real treat. I remember that I was fairly new to YA books, paranormal ones at that, when I read the first book, and I incredibly enjoyed it. All too often sequels don't quite hold up to (my) expectations, but that absolutely wasn't the case here. I loved Rylie's development and how Seth and his family were incorporated into the story. A thrilling read. Not a dull moment there. And the characters, down to the minor ones, were wonderfully well devised. Never heard of SM Reine? Love werewolves? Read her books!

Yet another series, book one in this case, Predators Of Darkness: Aftermath (Leonard D. Hilley II) turned out to be quite the page turner for me. Not only does it offer a fascinating premise and realistic characters, I was already smitten with the opening line "Dropping a cat from the top ledge of a ten-story office building was not the best way to remain hidden, but it was necessary." and if you need to know the fate of the cat (or the one who dropped it), let's just say both stick around a little longer. Ohhh ... I love a good science fiction story! Especially ones with a twist and were nothing is quite what it seems ...

Two books really aren't much, but I started another one yesterday. I certainly wouldn't want to disappoint Glenn. Not to mention that after waiting for a decade or so for another book by him I was excited like a Chihuahua when I received The Knowledge Of Good & Evil (Glenn Kleier) shortly before I went on vacation. More about this one next week.

Books that rolled in. And roll in they did.

I know what some of you might say now ... didn't I promise to go on a request hiatus on LibraryThing. Uhm, well, yeah ... I did and I still am, but *ahem* there was one book by an author who I've read and very much enjoyed before, so I simply had to have his second collection of short stories too. Luckily I was one of the lucky ones to win a copy of Ice Age (Iain Rowan).

Then, of course, the inevitable free download. I snagged Fatal Destiny (Marie Force) on Carina Press.

As my NetGalley loot has dropped to a measly two books, I also requested and received three more this week - Amglish, In Like, Ten Easy Lessons (Arthur Rowse), That's Disgusting (Rachel Herz) and The Grand Design (Stephen Hawking).

The next hiatus will be for free download from Christianbook, because ...
A Daughter's Inheritance (Tracie Peterson), My Heart Remembers (Kim Vogel Sawyers), No Place For A Lady (Maggie Brendan), The Preacher's Bride (Jodie Hedlund), The Choice (Suzanne Woods Fisher), A Hope Undaunted (Julie Lessman), Stars Collide (Janice Thompson), The Oak Leaves (Maureen Lang) and Soon (Jerry B. Jenkins).

Now brace yourself, because the IMM will be up shortly, and I promise it will make you drool!

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