September 25, 2011

Books Aplenty - You will never believe this

If you're following my book hoarding every week I'm sure you'll have your doubts about what I'm going to tell you now, but I swear it's true ... I did not add any new eBooks this week. No free downloads, no requests for eGalleys, no food for my lil' eReader (who's grown fat over the past months anyway). Actually I can't believe it myself. And if it weren't for the fact that two physical books which I've recently won had sat in my mailbox this week (IMM post up next), I'd now be checking my pulse.

So, now that we've established that my TBR piles did not substantially grow, how about risking a glance on all the books I read? Basically I decided to read for pleasure this week. Not as though books for review would not be fun to read too, but you know what I mean. Just reading at your heart's content, whatever strikes your fancy when looking at the TBR pile. That was my plan this week.

I already started on The Knowledge Of Good & Evil (Glenn Kleier) last weekend. I've been waiting so long for another book by the author, as I loved his first novel so much, and well ... my expectations were so high they probably couldn't be met. Don't get me wrong now - it's a really good book with a truly fascinating and thought-provoking premise (and quite an ending, woah) but I had some issues with it nonetheless. Mostly it was a rather slow read and the book could certainly use a slight trim towards the end, when Ian travels through Hell, as it looses a lot of momentum through its often quite elaborate descriptions. It's not as though elaborate and fast paced couldn't go hand in hand after all.

And two more things. First, Rikki if you read this, our good old friends the "Hapsburger's" are back. I really wonder why suddenly every US author is using this version of the name. Secondly, there've been German words and phrases in the book and you can tell that the person who edited the book had as much knowledge of the German language as the author. Next to none. Using online dictionaries to throw in some phrases in other languages is risky business, that's for sure.

Next came a couple of RAKs I received during the past weeks.

I started with 0.4 (Mike Lancaster) and finished the book in one afternoon. Here, the main protagonist has recorded his story on tapes delivering his words to posterity, which made for a different kind of narrative, but it fit the story line perfectly. And I must say the idea behind it is both creepy and intriguing. If I have one complaint than that the two adults in the group of "unchanged" humans were acting either out of whack or overly adult. Then again, that's a YA book for you!

Then I read The Forest Of Hands And Teeth (Carrie Ryan) which I absolutely loved. Who would have thought I'd ever grow a liking for zombie novels? Probably compensating the fact that I'm a vegetarian, hahaha! But seriously, the book reminded me a bit of the movie The Village, enter a handful of zombies and a girl torn between love and the ocean. The intense narrative really got to me, tears and all, which made it such an amazing read. The sequel is already on my wishlist!

Finally I went for Matched (Ally Condie) which is one of many dystopian novels I've read over the past months. Maybe I've read too many great ones, but it turned out to be just a nice, average book with an interesting but not all that special or even surprising plot - basically the perfect read for teens who crave romance and love triangles in books. One aspect I certainly liked was how this Society only kept 100 books, poems, paintings, and songs. Everything else has been destroyed, because it allegedly holds no value. That was an interesting thought and I wished there had been a whole lot more focus on this than the love story.


  1. Ah, haha, that is so funny! That "Hapsburger" was so annoying in Marie Antoinette, I have no idea why they do that. And the German phrases, ditto! Why, oh why?

  2. I added 2 e-books. Curses to Barnes and Noble for offering a free book each Friday, and then asking that author to recommend a book by another author. The recommended book is NOT free. Both sounded very promising. My TbR stack on the Nook is growing. And I'm entering my 'reading less' season because I'm busy knitting Christmas gifts.

    Of course, the free book only appeals to me about once a month. The other three weeks I find myself highly disappointed that I couldn't score a free book. Which just goes to show- there's no pleasing some people. HAHAHAHA!

  3. Hahaha ... it's the curse of the free eBooks that strikes us all sooner or later! Look at the bright side, at least they don't need any physical space.

  4. I'm so glad you liked Carrie Ryan. I thought of The Village reading this book too! :) The next two installments are good as well.