September 5, 2011

Guest Post "A Bookword Story" by It's All About Books

Welcome to week two of the Guest Blogger Days at The Book Garden!

Suey from It's All About Books will kick off the new week with a story right after a true book lover's heart. You can tell how much she loves books and she's even got their nicknames down to a science, but let's see for yourself ...


When Birgit was calling for guest posts, I responded that I’d be happy to, that is, if she gave me a topic! So, she said how about I write something using some Bookwords that we came up with the past couple of years on our Bookword Game. I thought that sounded quite fun, so here’s the funky little story I came up with:

Once upon a time, I decided I needed some new books. Because, you know, I am so deprived and I hardly ever get new books!

But first, I needed to clean off my shelves to make room. This activity turned into quite the organization project as I sorted and pondered and pawed through them.

First of all, I put aside all my RecommenDUDs to use for giveaways. I figured I didn’t need to feel bad about that, assuming everyone else would like them. Then, I found all those sad sad Wait-listed books and made a new pile at the top of the TBR stack. Hopefully that will help. I came across Misunderbooks that I hugged to myself and thought, what is wrong with everyone else? These I put lovingly back on the shelf.

As I continued organizing, I found a bunch of library books that I needed to return, many of them Boomerangs, but oh well. That’s the nice thing about the library! You can always try again.

Finally, I was ready, so I called up my best Bookmate and we headed off to the store together. It was bitter sweet. Sweet, because everything was marked down, but bitter because it meant the store was closing. Anyway, we started strolling the aisles to see if any Book Sirens made themselves known. Some of those that did call out to me I had a feeling would be Whoopsabooksys later on, so I put them back before I made myself crazy wondering. Many big fat books called out to me but upon flipping through them, I found they were Marginally Challenged, and I worried they would also end up being CheckBooks, so I put them back too. I found a lot of Miscovered books too, but I still gave them a chance. You never know, they may become my next Book Crush! So a few went into my cart.

Then I happened upon a bunch of books by my Reliascribe, so those I put in my cart for sure. When the store clerk asked us if we needed help, I asked her if she had any Midnight Specials to recommend. She led us to a few, and I added them to the cart. However, I decided that she was not my Bookmate, because many of the ones she pointed out I had read before and frankly, they were actually major Lullabooks!

After much pondering and decision making stress, I went home with my new books. I can’t wait to read them all and see if I have any Wanderlusts, Firestarters or History Mysteries in the bunch! I’ll be sure to let you know!

Bookword Glossary (in order of appearance):
RecommenDUD: A book you hate that everyone else loves.
Wait-listed: A book that continually gets moved to the the next in the pile, but never gets read.
Misunderbook: A book that you love, but everyone else hates.
Boomerangs: A library book that gets returned unread.
Bookmate: A person who has the same taste in books as you do.
Book Sirens: A book that begs to be read immediately.
Whoopsabooksy: A book you buy that you already read or own.
Marginally Challenged: A book with very little space between lines.
CheckBook: A book where you find yourself always checking to see what page you are on.
Miscovered: A book with a bad cover.
Book Crush: A book you totally fall in love with.
Reliascribe: An author you can always count on for a good read.
Midnight Special: A book with a plot that makes you unable to go to sleep.
Lullabook: A book that makes you sleepy.
Wanderlust: A book that makes you want to travel to its setting.
Firestarter: A book that inspires you to do research on the topic.
History Mystery: A book where the characters from the present are researching the characters from the past.


  1. LOVE the glossary! It's the first time I have read about these terms, but they fit me like a glove :)

  2. Love it! I hadn't seen all of the bookwords before.

  3. Ally: Glad you like them!

    Jenny: This is still not all of them, I couldn't manage to use them all.

  4. Suey- love the glossary of "book words". They made me smile.

  5. That was awesome! Well done Suey. People did such a good job coming up with the words that they just explain themselves.

  6. Oh I hate Miscovered books but I haven't really thought about Marginally Challenged books before...anyway I like how you've got all these terms for them, thanks for the fun story and glossary.