September 2, 2011

Guest Post "The Bookworm" by Amy's Fibro Thoughts

Who said I should (could or would) only invite book bloggers to write guest posts for me? Amy from Amy's Fibro Thoughts is both a blogger and a book lover which, quite frankly, is all it takes to be a welcome guest blogger here!


First let me start by saying, I’m not a book blogger. I am, however, a book lover. For as long as I can remember, people have called me a bookworm. I think sometimes it was meant to be derogatory, but to me, it is a compliment.

My maternal grandfather was a bookworm. We bought him books for birthdays, Christmas, and Father’s Day. He was the easiest person to shop for. Yet I don’t remember where he kept all the books- they never had a ‘library’ in the house, and I don’t remember shelves filled with books. He passed his love of reading to me, and I am doing my best to pass it to the next generation.

I started reading at age 3. I don’t know how I did it. I know people were always reading stories to me, and I suspect Grandpa had something to do with my early reading. Books have always been a part of my life. As a child, Mom loaded us into our little red wagon and pulled us down to the town library once a week. On the way home, I had to walk next to the wagon because I had filled my side with books. When we went to the mall, I could spend hours in the bookstore.

I’ve never been much of an outdoors person. When my parents were working in the garden or the yard, I always volunteered to stay in by the phone. My father was on-call a lot, and this was in the days before answering machines and cordless phones. You couldn’t hear the phone ringing in the house if you were deep in the garden. So I stayed inside, which kept me from getting sunburnt and allowed me to stick my nose in another book.

I was always the biggest bookworm around, until I met my housemate, Erich. He reads so much that it makes me look like I never read. When we first dated, I didn’t know what to think when we went out for dinner and he pulled a book out of his pocket and started reading. I was a little offended, like perhaps he thought I wasn’t good company. Then I realized that’s just the way he is. He always has a book with him. He’ll start one book, put it down, and then grab another one as he goes into his room. There are frequently books all over our house- because he sets them down wherever he is. One of the rooms in our house is set up like a library- bookshelves everywhere. You just walk through the stacks of books. And they are all his books. The library is on the second floor of the house, and the ceiling of our living room actually started to sag due to the weight of the books. So he’s been going through them and getting rid of them.

On a recent Monday morning at the office, my boss asked me how my weekend was. I told him it was great. He asked if I did anything exciting, and I said ‘no, it was quiet. I was able to get a lot of reading done’. He looked at me like I was the weirdest person on earth. That’s when it hit me: bookworms are wired differently, and the only people who get us are fellow bookworms!


  1. Hi Amy! Nice self-portrait! I can totally relate to your words. I used to love summers only because they gave me plenty of reading time :)

  2. Hahaha! As another bookworm I'm totally getting this weird look too :) I started reading very early, and when I went to school at 6 I pretended to learn reading with everyone else because I was so embarassed that I could do it already.

  3. So true!!!Bookworms are always considered odd by non-readers.

  4. Yeah, when I say I had a productive weekend reading I get odd looks. But if I were to say I played football or went out drinking that would be better use of my time.

  5. Ally- the other good thing about summers were that it stayed daylight longer, so I didn't need to use my flashlight to read after bedtime!

  6. Kara-Karina: it never occurred to me to pretend to learn to read. Hmm...that might have alleviated some of the 'nerdiness' I always had. How did you keep from being bored in school?

  7. Rikki- I guess you have to be a reader to get a reader!

    Ellie- so true! If you had spent all weekend on a bender, other people would understand how you could say it was a 'good' weekend! :)

  8. I haven't always been an avid reader, I used to only read books by a selected number of authors I knew I liked and that was it. I wish I would have started reading more sooner actually. I feel like I missed out on a lot of great books, because I think when reading your frame of mind does play a big part on how you'll recieve something and there's many books that I might have loved at an earlier time but won't enjoy as much now.