September 6, 2011

Guest Post "What kind of holiday reader are you?" by Leeswammes' Blog

Today's guest blogger is Judith from Leeswammes' Blog. Judith is a book blogger from the Netherlands who not only loves to read at home but also on vacation. While she didn't confess just how heavy her book bag is when traveling, I sure hope to hear about your results to her fun quiz!


While Birgit is still going on her holidays, most of us only have memories to look back on. Maybe you didn’t even go anywhere this summer. But in any case, I will reveal to you what kind of reader you are on the basis of how you spent your holidays (past or present). I’ll also give you some reading advice now that you’re back home!
So, answer these questions and write down the number of As, Bs, Cs, and Ds you choose.

Question 1
You’re going on holiday tomorrow and you’ve got your reading sorted: your books and magazines are ready to be packed. While you’re doing some last minute shopping, you walk past a book shop. You:

a) Keep walking, the bakery is next door… yum!
b) Go in to have a quick look, just for fun.
c) You go in because you’re not sure you have enough books for the holiday – you buy a few more.
d) You look in the window but your favorite shop assistant, the guy who is the only reason you ever enter the book store, isn’t there. You walk on.

Question 2
You are on the plane towards your destination and the friendly woman next to you has been making small talk with you… for the last 3 hours. You:

a) Enjoy the conversation and offer her a few chocolates from a box that you bought tax-free at the airport.
b) Say: “I better finish reading this, I need to give the book back to someone when we get off.” [pointing vaguely at the rows of seats in front]
c) Turn back to your book that has been on your lap all the while and ignore her for the next hour.
d) Answer the woman on automatic pilot and try to catch the eye of the guy on the other side of the aisle.

Question 3
You’re at your destination airport. You have to wait a few minutes for the coach to bring you to your holiday hotel. You:

a) Look around you for a trash can. You enjoyed a few chocolates while waiting.
b) Keep thinking about your book, but don’t dare to get it out, in case you’ll get too engrossed and miss the coach.
c) Get out your book (the one from the plane) and read, almost missing the arrival (and departure) of the coach.
d) Try out your Spanish on the nice looking man behind the Avis desk.

Question 4
It’s breakfast time! You’re having a nice, relaxed breakfast with your holiday companions in the hotel restaurant, but one thing is missing:

a) The marmalade! How could they!
b) Your book – but you can’t read in company. That would be impolite.
c) Nothing! You have your book, toast with marmalade. What else would you need for breakfast?
d) The man you met last night. He turned out to be married and you chucked him out at midnight.

Question 5
You are having a great time in the sun, at the beach. You:

a) Have a hot-dog and a sangria in your hands, almost spilling them over your creased magazine.
b) Are having a good time with your beach read, which you enjoy when not swimming in the sea.
c) Are making good progress at War and Peace.
d) Have a book in your hands but are too busy checking out the “views”.

Question 6
It’s the evening and after a day at the beach, it’s time to hit the town! You:

a) Are looking forward to a nice meal in the all-you-can-eat restaurant (reasonably priced, too).
b) Hope to be back early enough to have a bit of time reading before going to sleep.
c) Ask your friends to bring you back a doggy bag – you just have to finish this book!
d) Are waiting to be picked up by José, who will take you to the disco.

Question 7
You are out on a day trip to the nearest big city. You and your friends have planned a full day of museums, parks, and shops. You:

a) Eat cake with your coffee, a waffle for on the go, lunch at the museum, ice cream in the park, some donuts while looking for a nice restaurant, and you bought some chocolates for in the plane, on the way home.
b) You enjoy the science museum and spend some time looking at the interesting books in the museum shop.
c) You especially love the park: sitting in the sun on a bench reading while your friends visit yet another museum.
d) You especially love the park: sitting in the sun on a bench, watching the local guys roller blading.

Question 8
The holiday is over and you’re back home. Your book situation is as follows. You:
a) Bought a cook book with local recipes while on holiday.

b) Never got through them all. You’re always overestimating what you’ll be able to read. But you managed at least 6. Not bad.
c) Finished them all! Had to get some fluffy trash novels from the hotel book shop too (it was all they had).
d) Mustn’t forget to take the bookmarks out of your book. They’re notes with email addresses from the guys you met.

Mostly As. You’re not much of a reader, are you? I suggest you try out audiobooks which you can listen to while you’re running, cycling, or on the home trainer. Yes, you do need the exercise, after all that holiday food!

Mostly Bs. You are an avid reader but you know when to stop. If you read a variety of books, you’ll never get bored.

Mostly Cs. Oops! Aren’t you overdoing the reading a bit? You are being impolite and unsociable just because you have to finish that book. Don’t take your books to outings with friends unless you’re going to a book club!

Mostly Ds. Well, reading isn’t high on your list. Instead, you’re living a chick-lit life. It’s all very well, but some quiet time with a real chick-lit might be fun, too. Have you tried Marian Keyes?


  1. I am definitely "over"reading :))

  2. Haha! I'm between As and Bs but only because I never go on beach holidays. I'm usually on such a tight schedule walking aroud, taking photos and trying all the famous foods I have no time for a book apart from when I'm going to bed. :)

  3. Mostly B's. I certainly am a book addict, but my hubby and kids keep me semi balanced.


  4. No. A is a butterball, B is me, C is a fanatic, and D sort of sets the wrong priorities, ;).
    Too funny, Judith, that cracked me up!

  5. Glad you all enjoyed my little quiz!

    @Ally - oh dear, do enjoy what else life has to offer you as well!

    @kara-karina - the audiobook idea sounds ideal for you!

    @patii - don't I know it! I use read-a-thons as an excuse to get some good reading time!

    @rikki - now I wonder what a butterball is! :-)

  6. Fun quiz!

    I didn´t count - don´t have to because I know I would have most Bs. I love reading, but I also love seeing the place we visit together with my family.

  7. I was almost equal with a,b, and c's. After reading the responses and blending them together... this is exactly who I am! :)

    Good job Judith!

  8. B's mostly, rest were C's. Which sounds about right, because I usually take a book/reader when I go out to eat with family. Don't always read it, but sometimes.

  9. Hmmm.. I think I am veering to becoming unsociable! Lol
    Great post!

    Shelleyrae @ book'd Out

  10. Great quiz! I had mostly b's and c's. Holidays in the city are for seeing the sights and experiencing what's on offer; beach holidays are for reading.

  11. Mostly C's. And as for the annoying chatterbox sitting next to me on the plane: I had a system. I found if I read Non-fiction (Such as some of my US Civil War Tomes or something equally thought provoking) people assumed I was smart and interesting, and started talking to me. Which annoyed me because I wanted to read. So I started reading fluff in the airports and on the planes: those trashy romance types. People left me alone! Of course, this has all changed now that I have an e-reader. Now I just look like any other techno geek.
    aprimeau at onebearcat dot com

  12. @Dorte - You're a well-balanced reader! :-)

    @Mari - Hey, the quiz wasn't supposed to make sense! Amazing.

    @Sarah - Reading while eating in company? {frown} Well, actually, I do this at home often enough!

    @Shelleyrae - Oh dear! I hope this is your qake-up call. :-)

    @Suzanne - I agree. What would be the fun in going to a city and NOT experience it?

    @Amy - Great system. Except of course when you'd sit next to a trashy romance reader who has read every book, including the one you're reading.

  13. I liked the quiz and I got mostly B's, I tend to read less when I'm on holdays and don't take many books with me, sometimes I get back with a couple more though ^^