September 17, 2011

Pajama Musings - When your TBR pile gets too big

You know what your bookshelves look like.
Or your stacks. Piles. Heaps.

You probably think that it really couldn't get any worse than it already is?
There might be your downstairs neighbor complaining that the ceiling is kind of creaking and, worst of all, sagging. Or your significant other needs to buy some climbing gear to even get in and out of your apartment. That's nothing to what I'm going to show you now.

Just imagine opening the window and your ginormous TBR pile is tumbling onto the street outside. This should probably be a warning. Then again, it looks kinda cool!

The reason for this blog post?
Don't. Even. Ask.


  1. LOL.. those are really cool! I try to get rid if any books as soon as I finish them so the pile looks smaller, but hen 2 more will show up. :-\

  2. For me, it seems to resolution is working at the moment, that is trying not to buy more books than I am reading...

  3. Someone has been taking pictures outside my window....
    Yep, I completely get it. It gets a little overwhelming sometimes. My husbands suffering sigh as FedEx or UPS pulls up in front of our house with yet another package kind of sums it up.

  4. My book shelves are getting overwhelming, and not as neat at these beauties.