September 26, 2011

A Writer's Life - My pen shall never have to go through this

It would be really cruel. The emotional damage I could inflict on my pen. Or keyboard for that matter. You see, some things it should not have to write. And I'm not referring to killing off characters. It's a question of the genre.

Most authors write in a certain niche, maybe fantasy or contemporary romance. A lot will branch out a little and dip into different genres, often combining them quite successfully. A few daring ones will even try out all there is, from historical romance to political satire, often lured by what's all the rage at the moment. I guess the eclectic writer is a good counterpart to the eclectic reader. Or is it?

Personally I do have my preferences when it comes to writing - I love speculative fiction, especially science fiction and dystopia, and I've also got a thing for those tightly woven, dialogue heavy thrillers with a surprising twist. Certainly there are other genres that I don't rule out to one day try out. I might have a hilariously funny chick lit story inside of me that just has to be released (first from myself, and consequently in book form). There might even be a creepy piece of horror hidden in the depths of my mind just waiting for a moment of inattentiveness to sneak out. Who knows?

And then *drumroll* there are those genres that I know with absolute certainty will never desecrate my pen (or keyboard). Splatterpunk? *shudders* Western? *stifling a yawn* And looking across from novels to other literary forms, well, I don't see myself writing poetry or a play for the theater either.

Having read a fair share of author interviews I realize I'm not alone with writing in a certain group of genres, while at the same time reading books from a much wider spectrum of genres. They say you should write the books that you'd love to read. So why not write in a genre that you never tried out in writing but obviously enjoy in reading? This is actually a good question.
Lack of time would be a valid excuse. You can only write this much without having some clones lined up who do the laundry for you or take out the dog. I guess the point is that when writers write we do so in the worlds we love the most. Reading outside our own little creative haven is as much entertainment for us as it broadens our horizons. Sometimes we need to get out of the rut of our own genres to view it with new eyes when we return.

Does the eclectic reader equal an eclectic writer? Not as far as I can see. And I don't think it's necessary either.

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  1. So far I've written three novels- one historical paranormal, one urban fantasy, and one chick lit. I'm kind of a mood reader and I guess I'm a mood writer too. I write the kind of books I want to read at the moment but can't find. So in a way I guess I'm ecclectic. Except, ofcourse, all my books are YA:)