September 12, 2011

A Writer's Life - The Travel Writer

Maybe I'll have to cut this post short. What am I saying? I will cut this post short. Not as though I have nothing to say after my two week vacation, but I did not only bring back souvenirs from my trip to the UK, I also brought along a nasty cold. Basically I spent the last two days of my vacation eating Aspirin and cold meds. The humidity back home doesn't go all too well with my stuffed nose either. And my head feels like it weighs a ton and insists on resting on a comfy cushion.

Anyway, the even bigger reason why this will be a short post is that I didn't write while on the road. Actually this is something I tried and tried to do, sort of a travel experience kind of writing, since I was a teenager. Somehow I never made it past day three. It usually ended up with me thinking that I was too tired from what I did throughout the day and maybe I could continue writing the following day. Of course that never happened, so eventually I gave up on trying to aim being the next acclaimed travel writer, but instead focused on traveling itself. Besides, I'm always taking tons of pictures, which in itself is a bit like travel writing through the lens of my camera and consequently does qualify for writing. Sort of.

So, what it all boils down to is that I didn't write (unless signing those little paper slips when paying with my CC counts) and, as loyal followers of my blog already know, I didn't read on my trip either. But seeing how I not only love books, but also traveling, this isn't all that bad. In fact, all the wonderful and awesome impressions, especially in Scotland, inspired and spurred my creative mind and will surely leave its mark on future writings.

And apropos not writing. I decided to stay completely offline during my absence. Oddly enough I didn't miss the internet at all during those two weeks. Actually it felt great not to think about computers and e-mails and status updates. I must admit though that the moment I dropped my luggage the first thing I did was go online letting my Facebook friends know that I'm back, thus proofing that I obviously survived my time without the internet.

Bit of a huge bummer though that I couldn't accept my nomination for BBAW due to my absence. Well, another year, another chance. Besides, it would be sad if I planned my traveling life around awards, now wouldn't it?


  1. Good to see you back. We had quite a lot of fun on your blog in your absence (haha!).

    You obviously had a nice and relaxing time without the internet. A pity about the nomination, though!

  2. Hahah... too funny. I arrived home from my recent trip a little after midnight. I had been up since 4:30 the previous morning, babysat a 5 year old, schlepped through three airports, and yet still posted on FB that I was home before going to bed. :)

    Since my memory isn't so great, I carry a little notebook with me and write down a few words to jog my memory so I can write about the adventures when I get home.