October 1, 2011

Blog Stats 2011 July - September

It's time again to share with you how my blog did the past three month. If you want the short version, I'd say it did really well! If you want the long version, simply read on.

Some of you might remember the incredible rise in numbers of my GFC followers in my last blog stats report, and while the amount slowed down to a trickle, it was certainly a steady trickle - I jumped from 403 followers to 551. I also gained a handful more followers on Networked Blogs which I actually only ever installed for easy publishing on Facebook (of course, lately it does what it wants and will only publish posts when it feels like it *grumbles*). And, let's not forget, I also have added the option for my readers to follow by e-mail and I've got the humble number of 9 followers there. I guess most do prefer GFC after all.

As far as page views go, they have peaked during the summer and gone a bit downhill when I went on vacation in early September, despite having guest bloggers on board. To be fair though, those posts received lots of hits, and I think that the fact that I didn't participate in any big giveway hops during the past month is partly to blame for this. As long as page views don't dwindle down to two per day I'm fine with those lower numbers.

Made you curious about the number of page views? How about a milestone? The grand total of all page views has crossed 20.000 just days ago. Neat, huh?

Doing a Top Ten of all blog posts now would be a bit weird, because most are - who would have guessed - giveaways! But a few other blog posts did manage to sneak in among those, so I present to you the Top Three excluding giveaways (all time):
Review - Sister Species (Lisa A. Kemmerer)
Beyond the Shelf - Simon & Schuster Galley Grab
Review - The Tao Of Travel (Paul Theroux)

As far as Most page views by country (all time) go, there haven't been all too many changes since last time (though to give you a better idea, I've added percentages this time):
USA (45%)
UK (9%)
Germany (6%)
Austria (5%)
Canada (5%)

And do you remember the first time I posted my blog stats? I also mentioned the browers used, but somehow I didn't feel that was such a fascinating piece of information to also give you details about it last time. Though now that I use Google Chrome, I had to risk a look and what did I see?
Firefox is still on top of the list, followed by Internet Explorer, with Google Chrome close on its heels. Again there are also a number of strange browsers I've never really heard of, such as GranParadiso and RockMelt.

Want some more fun facts? Well, maybe not fun, but interesting nonetheless. While most readers are using Windows, I also found a small number of iPad, iPhone and iPod users among them.

What else? Apart from followers, people find me mostly through Google. And I would have thought it might be a giveaway page ... but wait, that one is number two, I Am A Reader, Not A Writer, and look, it does pay to post on Facebook after all, as it came in third place.

That's it for this time - see you again at the end of the year with fun, fact, and fiction (who knows) about how my blog did in its first year!


  1. Interesting to read stats like that, guess all of us book addicts in the US just can't get enough of a good thing and like to follow blogs =)

  2. It's great you have that information at hand, and very interesting. Is that information all available through blogger or do you cull it from something else?

  3. I get the stats directly through Blogger. I'm too lazy to use more professional programs for my statistics and for me it's also sufficient to get the basic idea on how many readers I have and from where they are.