October 23, 2011

Books Aplenty - I read a book, and I didn't like it

First things first. I know those of you who read yesterday's blog post will probably be curious about which books I snagged on Smashwords, and I have no intention to torture you any longer.

Let's start off with two wonderful, talented authors whose books I already had the pleasure to read - SM Reine and Shaun Jeffrey. From the former I bought Death's Hand and from the latter Evilution and Killers (this one's in fact a sequel to a book I already read). And while I was filling up my shopping cart I remembered PJ Hoover's Solstice of which I've heard so many good things, so I figured while I'm at it let's buy that one too.

Apart from my lovely eBook loot, sadly there won't be an IMM post later on. Again. Guess to change that I'd have to go on a wee shopping spree on Amazon or TBD or both, hehe!

And now on to the books I cleared from my TBR pile.

Some readers have a system when it comes to the big question of which book to tackle next. Others don't. I'm not sure what my personal little habits regarding which book to pick say about me, but this week I simply worked myself through a stack that had simply gotten too high in the past weeks. Sure, I could have divided the big stack into two small stacks, but the point of having stacks is to make them disappear by reading and not by further scattering them around the whole place.

I started with the memoir Everything I Never Wanted To Be (Dina Kucera). A story about alcoholism and drug addiction, and a mother who tries to keep her kids alive. Sounds dark, and it is. Honest and touching. A gripping read!

Next came My Heart Stopped Beating (Chamed) which reads more like a diary than an actual memoir. Loosing her parents at a young age, abuse by those who take her aboard, and lastly ending up in a madhouse, this is certainly a tragic story ... yet he book is just plain awful. A horrible translation from Italian to English and the strange mix of POV, through her own eyes, and then the next moment through her parents', didn't help much either.

Sticking to the theme of addiction and abuse I threw myself on Secrets Of Transformation (Eva Dillner) which is a very esoteric view on trying to break up patterns in her life, and writing this book is part of this therapeutic journey. If it all works for her, great. The book sure didn't work for me though.

As not to fall into a slump after those reads I then spoiled myself with some treats of the fictitious kind.

Often compared to The Hunger Games I was really curious about The Maze Runner (James Dashner) which was actually published years before the former. Dystopia. Intriguing premise. Distinct characters. Riveting and hard to put down. I loved it!

And the week came to a close with *drumroll* The Iron King (Julie Kagawa). Probably about time I finally read this much talked about book. And I was pretty disappointed. While I liked the idea of the world right out of A Midsummer Night's Dream and both Puck and Ash, I just didn't warm up to Meghan at all. Add that the author's voice is just, well, so bland. And now I'm probably going to be ripped into pieces by all those Iron Fey fans out there ... but hey, that's just my humble opinion. Live with it!

As you can see, I didn't like most of this week's books on my plate, but next week will hopefully greet me with some more delectable reads.


  1. I hated The Iron King. So much. You're right: it was really, really bland. And honestly, you know she'd going to save the kid. There's no point in reading through the rest of the journey. And hey, if that's not how it ended, I just don't care. I never felt a connection to the characters, and so I stopped about half way through.

  2. Don't worry, Birgit! I didn't like The Iron Fey series as well. They were quite meh for me ;)

  3. Thanks for picking up a couple of my books, Birgit. Hope you enjoy them. So far, people have been saying that they've enjoyed the second book in the Prosper Snow series, Killers more than The first book, The Kult, and that had plenty of positive reviews!

  4. I'll keep an eye our for The Maze Runner.