October 30, 2011

Books Aplenty - It's only a matter of speed

I wouldn't call myself a person who's perfected speed reading. Not even close. In fact, I wouldn't even know how to turn off this subvocalization thingy during the reading process, so "the speedy reader" isn't a nickname I will be getting any time soon. Still, I managed to read a fair share of books this past few weeks, in fact I already achieved the goal of reading 100 books for my reading challenge by mid-August. Including this week I have read a total of 133 books. If you're officially impressed now, so am I.

First came Evil Genius (Patricia Rice) which is a murder mystery type of book that mostly lives of the quirky main character Ana. While the storyline itself is rather meh - Ana is trying to get the mysterious new owner out of her deceased grandfather's mansion while at the same time trying to solve a crime involving textbooks (no kidding) - I really liked the smart and witty narrative. I could well imagine a sequel, especially with the unique cast of Ana's family there's plenty of potential, though I hope the plot will be a bit more engaging than this one.

Second in line was The Curse Of Anna Greene (Mary Aris) presents the story of the Greene family, spanning the centuries from the time when Anna is conceived to her death and ultimately the curse she casts on her murderers. An interesting story, yet the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The narrative feels choppy and the historical facts are awry to the extent of banana peels being thrown at a burning witch and bypass surgery in the 1920s. Yeah, right!

I followed up with the first two parts of a technological science-fiction thriller trilogy - PeaceMaker and Unholy Domain (Dan Ronco). While I really liked the idea behind the books - showing our dependency on technology when a computer virus enhanced with AI shuts down pretty much everything thus throwing the world into chaos and consequently showing the clash between religion and technology - it presented just too much tech-talk for my taste, and frankly, I would have preferred a focus on the effects on society instead of the wheelings and dealings of the evil Domain. Average thrillers of which I actually liked the second part a lot better!

New books this week? Nope.
Not even one tiny little free download.
Yup, I behaved. Very proud of self.

Unfortunately my mailbox also remained empty which means there won't be an IMM post AGAIN this week *sigh*. But, fear not, I recently ordered books at TBD, so ...


  1. It's so tempting to buy books! Good job on being able to behave!!!

  2. Haha IMM has become a justification to buy books!

  3. Oh, well done, Birgit on abstaining :) Is your TBR shrinking then?

  4. The books you read sound interesting. Enjoy your TBR pile this week. :-)