October 16, 2011

Books Aplenty - Reviewing reviewing reviewing

While I didn't sign up for the October is NetGalley Month I did tackle quite a few reviews from various publishers. My regular reviews will be up in the next few days, but let me give you at least a brief glimpse into this weeks reading ...

If you want to learn about the history of desserts *drool* then Sweet Invention (Michael Krondl) might not quite be the book for you. Giving a brief overview of how desserts developed in different regions of the world, with a view on the importance of the sugar trade, the author is certainly great in setting the mood with his elaborate descriptions of times long gone. An enjoyable read, but not exactly a concise survey.

Need lighthearted advice about awkward social situations? Then you should definitely read Social Q's (Philip Galanes) a book based on the respective NY Times column. A far stretch from regular advice on etiquette this is a witty read that, humor or not, really does give good tips on all kinds of social quandaries. If you're curious, check out the Social Q's online.

Dark Inside (Jeyn Roberts) throws you into an apocalyptic scenario were dark things are rising and changing people. Been there, done that. Why do so many books seem so similar these days? To be fair, it is an enjoyable page-turner, yet I also found it lacking in some regards. The novel is like an introduction to the actual story and ends were I would have hoped for it to actually begin.

The Realms Thereunder (Ross Lawhead) is a fantasy novel in which two kids were once lost in a mythical world beneath our own, and many years later their ways lead them there again. It's exactly the old-fashioned style in which it is written, that makes this book, in light of many newer and more modern novels, wonderfully refreshing.

Almost forgot. New books? Yes. A truck load of free download from Christianbook. Again. I seriously need to go on a hiatus on that site *sigh*. No more freebies for me, because this is getting waaay out of hand. What I got? Too lazy to list them all, let's just say I've got ten new eBooks on my eReader now.

No IMM post this week! How could this ever happen? Oh dear! Let's hope for the best for next time!


  1. I am overwhelmed with books right now. I've decided to give away a book a month until things become manageable again. So, I'm not entering your contest, but I am stopping in to say hello and to thank you for participating.

  2. Haha, I've got the same problem. Too many great books to read, too many free books:D