October 15, 2011

Literary Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the
Literary Giveaway Hop
(October 15th - October 19th)
hosted by Leeswammes' Blog

Most giveaway blog hops seem to be directed towards young adult and romance audiences. Those hops are not so ideal if you want to give away more literary books, so here's the chance for all of you who want to stray a little from those vampire books and try something new.

Which brings us to the most important part of this post ...

I'm giving away Chess Story by Stefan Zweig and the reason for it, well, why don't you have a look at a recent blog post about the author, to give you an idea about him and the book.
Please note: This giveaway is open worldwide, but only for countries TBD offers free shipping to - please check here.

As always, entering on my blog will be sweet and simple. All you have to do is answer the following question and leave your e-mail address with your comment so I may contact you in case you're the winner.

The question:
Do you like novels were a book plays a major part in the story?

Following my blog is no requirement, but greatly appreciated.
One entry per person.
Open worldwide.

One winner will be picked through random.org on October 20th and will then be contacted by e-mail as well as announced here on my blog. The winner will have 48 hours to respond and if he/she fails to do so I will draw a new winner.

And now, head on over to the rest of the blog hop participants!


  1. Thanks for the giveaway and for opening it to worldwide entries.

    Much appreciated.

    I can't think of many novels I have read where a book plays a major part in the story but I certainly have nothing against that as a plot element.

    Carol T

    buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

  2. I am not entering as I already have the book. Just wanted to say that I LOVE that story.
    And to answer the question: Yes. A couple of my favourite ones would be The name of the rose or The Gargoyle.

  3. Definitely like novels that involve books, for example, The Shadow of the Wind.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I love books about books :) Like The book Thief, The Shadow of the Wind or some Czech books I used to read as a kid :)


  5. I like books within books, where people are reading about something that happened (i.e. a frame narrative) - I also love it when books are namechecked within a book :)

    I would love to win this - but I'd prefer it in *German* if possible... please :)


  6. I'm not sure if I've read a book where a book plays a major part in the story, but I feel like that would be a great addition to a plot. I do like it when a character reads a real book though, and I'm often compelled to read that book too!


  7. Hello !
    I am entering this giveaway because I 'd love to read this book....I enjoy very much books with a book playing a major part, the latest I have read was last summer and it was "The Distant Hours" by Kate Morton.
    Thanks for adding my name!
    Best wishes, Virginie

  8. I LOVE books about books. I think of THE THIRTEENTH TALE for a great example. Thanks for the giveaway, rebecca[at]rebeccareid[dot]com.

  9. I do enjoy novels where a book plays a central role. Count me in!
    saraleigh gmail com

  10. I love stories where books play a major role. I also love this author but haven't read this book.

    Happy you are participating. New Follower here.

    bibliophilebythesea AT gmail DOT com

  11. Hello, I would like to enter your giveaway. I am in the UK and the Book Depository ships here. I like books with a book or more often a journal or diary within it. My email address is cerievans1[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!

  12. Thanks for opening it to all. Much appreciated. Yes a book with a book/diary is interesting.


  13. Great choice as a prize, love books where books are part of equation, one of my favourite books is - If on a winters night a traveller, also love the works of Alberto Manguel, whose chief subject matter is reading, thanks please enter me.

  14. Thanks for the giveaway. I do like books with books or book related themes. I have enjoyed the John Dunning series in the past.


  15. I do like novels where a book plays a major part in the story (although I won't claim to like all of them).

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  16. I love books where books play a major role in the story. I have had my eye on this book for a while, too, so thank you!


  17. I certainly love reading books in which a book (or many books- or simply reading) forms a main part of the story. The Book Thief is an example.

    Thank you for this great giveaway:)

    The Book Depository does ship to my country.



  18. my answer is: definitely yes. there are so many books i have read that feature books prominently.

    witchvela at web dot de

  19. Hmm, maybe Between the Sea and Sky? That book promotes books :) edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

  20. I love books where books play a role - as an avid reader, of course I do!

    Thanks for the giveaway, Birgit.

  21. Yes! There is something extra special about a book that's about a book. I just read Shadow of the Wind, and Neverending Story is an old favorite.

    saz AT chainreader DOT com

  22. I haven't read many books with a book as a central theme but I am currently reading The House of Leaves by Danielewki - a scary book centred around a manuscript - and I'm really enjoying it. Going to look up Shadow of the Wind too seeing as some other followers have mentioned it.

    I would love to win this book - please enter me in your giveaway.



  23. Now that I think of it, I do tend to like books which feature books in their storylines. For example, I enjoyed House of Leaves and Codex by Lev Grossman. I'm following you via GFC.
    luckyjd2k at gmail dot com

  24. I love books that involve books in their plot-line. For instance - The Thirteenth Tale.

    Follower via GFC.


  25. I'm not sure if I've read a book like that, I certainly can't remember doing so.
    Thank you for making your giveaway international!

    bymyself.g [at] gmail [dot] com

  26. I don´t remember reading about a book been an important part in the book.
    Thanks for the international giveaway!

  27. A well-written story about a book is always a delight. Thanks for the giveaway. kinnareads at gmail dot com

  28. I LOVE books like that, actually. Although, they have to be well-written.

    Thank you so much!! lisagoneaussie (at) gmail.com

  29. I don't think I have ever read a book where a book plays a major part in the story.

    Please enter me in the draw, and thanks for the giveaway!

    darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

  30. Thanks for the giveaway! I've stayed away from Zweig so far (as in, I haven't searched out his books), but this particular novel looks really interesting.

    I enjoy novels were books play major parts so long as the literary elements are incorporated well. I love analyzing literature and it's always interesting to see how fictional characters and their creators use similar methods in novels.

    susanna DOT pyatt AT student DOT rcsnc DOT org

    I love NYRB classics. :)

  31. I don't know that I've read books where a book plays a part of the plot, but I think I would prefer that to something like oh, say, vampires. :)

    aprimeau at onebearcat dot com

  32. Of COURSE it's good when books play a part in the story! Would love to read the Chess Player - thanks for the chance to win.

    debbie at exurbanis )dot( com

  33. I LOVE books where books are essential to the plot! They tend to be among my favorites.

    indiereaderhouston [at] gmail [dot] com

  34. I do love books where books/bookshop/libraries or anything book-related play a major role. it give the story a much deeper meaning, for me.

    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  35. I LOVE books about books! A double layer of my favorite things... yes, please! Haha :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! I'm on the hop too, so I hope you'll stop by!

    jesse.nicole.paul (at) gmail (dot) com

  36. I can't think of any books I have read where a book features in he story. Sounds great though.


  37. I like stories where books play a major role.


  38. I would prefer the story to have its own plot instead of revolving around a book.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  39. Thanks for this amazing giveaway - I would love to win! I can't think of any books I've read where a novel was part of the story but this book sounds so interesting! Since I love books, I have to think it's a good idea to have a book as part of the storyline!

    susanw28 (at) mindspring (dot) com

  40. I saw someone mention the Thirteenth Tale but that's all I can think of that I've read involving a book.


  41. I get a kick out of books within books, including books that feature libraries and bookstores. A recent young adult one with a Christmas theme was Dash and Lily's Book of Dares.

    Joy's Book Blog

  42. Yes, I love books about books and authors. I would love to win this.


  43. I haven't read many novels that involve a book playing a role in the story. There are a couple of books that I'm interested in where old novels (Bronte is coming to mind) are the subject of the novel, but I haven't read those books yet. The idea interests me, though!
    My email is readwriteandlive[at]hotmail[dot]com

  44. Yes, I love the idea of books being featured in a major role in books, and also books about books. Firmin and The Book Thief are two examples I can think of right now.
    Thanks for this lovely giveaway!


  45. Yes,I love it when a book plays a major part in a novel as it gives me a chance to discover new authors or authors that I hadn't heard of.

    justjanhvi at gmail dot com

  46. Yes I do. For example, Kate Morton's The Distant Hours!
    junegirl26 at hotmail dot com

  47. I do like books about books. It's kinda ironic. Thanks for the chance!

    mary_reiss @ hotmail.com

  48. wow i like the cove it is wicked

  49. I don't recall reading a book with a book as a main part of the story. Perhaps I have not been paying proper attention!

  50. I like books that have a plot revolving around books or even around the author of a book. I just finished reading Domestic Violets where books and authors played a major role.

    undermyappletree at gmail dot com

  51. Yes, I love novels about books or book-lovers.

    icecreamavalanche at gmail dot com

  52. I've never thought about it before. I can't think of any books that I've read like that.


  53. I think I'm with most people who have read The Book Thief. Other than that I can't say I remember any other book. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Sally G

  54. Haven't read any books within a book.