October 29, 2011

Pajama Musings - Distracted much?

I might not agree to the exact percentage, but this graph isn't that far off the mark. Of course there will always be books that are so wonderfully engaging that you find yourself paying attention to every little detail of what you're reading. And then there are those books that ... inspire you to let your mind wander. That has happened to the best of us. It's funny how some books are literally made for being skimmed over - not naming any titles here *cough* - while others lure you into the land of daydreams which, come to think of it, will also make you re-read certain passages. So yes, more often than not, the red and the blue slice featured above go hand in hand.

Tell me, are you guilty of not always paying full attention to what you're reading? Don't be shy. I won't judge you. How could I? It's not as though I'd only experience the green part of this graph myself ...


  1. Oh, I do find myself wandering, or thinking about other (similar) books; I even find myself looking for sentences that could comprise paragraphs and that I could use in a post... and then I decide to go back to the page and focus :)

  2. I am very guilty of missing things. I read way too fast and miss many clues during my mystery novels. For non-fiction I underline the important stuff in pencil to slow myself down!

  3. It's missing the "just had to check something online and oh look I've spent 3 hours on there" excuse.