October 22, 2011

Pajama Musings - Getting hungry after ten months of free food

When I finally caved and bought myself an eReader back in early March I did so for one particular reason. I didn't want to go blind reading all those galleys for review on my computer. Fair enough. And I certainly don't regret this decision. Over the course of the following months I fed my new toy with all the freebies or books I've won, but haven't invested in one single paid eBook. Now, when I see how other bloggers go on shopping frenzies, feeding their eReaders with tons of books, I wonder when it will finally happen. Lil' ol' me buying her very first eBook!

Truth be told, I still prefer the good old physical book. The dead-tree version of books. If I had to choose between the two I'd take a paperback or hardback over an eBook any day. Sure, they take up so much physical space, but then again nothing beats the experience of really reading a book, turning the pages, putting a cute bookmark where you stopped reading, or smelling its pages when it's all new. You sure don't get all of that with an eReader.

And now, I am about this close to cave again. In fact I've already put some books by authors I came to know and appreciate over the past few months into my Smashwords shopping cart. Previously I received books from them, because I won them or simply for review. Now I want more. Those freebies made me hungry and it's time to feed my eReader with something more substantial for a change. Besides, in actually buying these books I'm not only committing myself to some enjoyable reading sessions, I'm also giving back to these authors by supporting their great work with more than just praises. After all praises seldom buy you a cup of coffee. And I certainly don't want them to run out of coffee aka fuel when they should be wide awake to write their next book. Which, obviously, will find a place on my wishlist too. But first things first ... need to do a lil' mouse-clicking over at Smashwords!

I wonder am I the only one who hesitated so long before finally buying eBooks? Anybody using their eReader only for review purposes with no intention of buying eBooks? Or are there even people out there who've completely switched from physical books to eBooks? Let me know.


  1. I still haven't got an e-reader but I'm seriously considering it now. My reason is also galleys and free ebooks that I sometimes get as free downloads from various places. I just dislike reading them on the laptop.

    About buying ebooks: I can't see that happen too soon. But then, don't buy that many physical books either since I'm blogging. I have enough books coming in free or from a book swap or a book swap site, or the library, so I'm not buying many at all (fewer than one a month).

  2. Hi Birgit! I wanted one of those gadgets but if I can't find time to sit down and read a book now, I don't think I would find time to feed my reader and it would get very hungry...sitting in it's original packaging..LOL! How have you been?
    I've been making changes in a few of our rooms and when not doing that I have had to contend with everything else...going wrong. I have missed visiting blogland. I hope you are doing well and that you have a wonderful day! Hugs Jennifer

  3. I don't have an ebook but I have been musing with the idea for some time now; the plus is that I totally lack space for my books and what's to come, and I also think I might read a few pages more; the downside is that I may start buying even more books because it's easier and I don't have to worry about where to stack them or if they get lost in the mail... What to do, what to do? :))

  4. I went a few months downloading only free books (because I was amazed at how many free books were available!) before I actually bought an e-book. Then I hit a spurt of buying a lot (for me) for it. Now I'm trying to hold off, although I did just add a $50 giftcard to my B&N account so I can buy some books and technically still not *pay* for it. :)

    And I too still prefer hardcopy to ebooks. In fact, since I've had my Nook, I've bought more regular books than I have ebooks. How on earth I think I'll ever get them all read is beyond me.... :)

  5. I don't have an e-reader yet, I've thought about getting one for about a year before I decided what I wanted to do and now it's finally time and I'll get one pretty soon.
    I'm currently reading only paperback/harback copies of books, I have enough books I can read without having to strain my eyes trying to read from a lid screen, so no more ebooks until my e-reader arrives. I already have a bunch of ebooks ready, most of them I got for free or won but some I already bought too, but so far I've only bought a handfull that I couldn't resist.
    Also I don't plan to stop buying physical copies of books, I plan to balance it out, let's see how it goes.

  6. Yep, those free downloads are a curse ;-) but how can one resist? And admittedly since I own my eReader I've downloaded obscene amounts of free eBooks *shrugs* and I have no idea when I will ever find the time to read them all. "Read faster!" is my new mantra, hahaha!

  7. I stil don't have an e-reader, and I don't really have any intention to buy one. Getting physical books, smelling them, holding them, flipping through them. Buying my new bookmark at the start of the new year. Two of my greatest small pleasures in life is shopping for books and then reorganizing my bookcases to add the new ones in.

  8. My ereader is as full as my actual shelves. I have little self control LOl and love that ebooks are instantly available. E-book versions are normally cheaper than print as well so I save a lot. I probably buy say three to five ebooks to every print book. My ereader is my main source for reading review books as well - probably 90%.
    I also download free books but I am pretty selective. Anywhich way its likely I will never run of out of something to read for at least the next four years or so even though I read 200 + books a year LOL

    Shelleyrae @ book'd Out