October 1, 2011

Pajama Musings - Going in circles

While this post (which has obviously been prepared) goes live, yours truly will be doing some very bad things. Very very bad indeed. But let's start at the beginning ...

... I've been giving away books. Lots of them. Some of you might remember that back in spring I decided that my TBR stacks were getting out of hand thus I went on a book purge. After having gotten rid of so many books I felt quite elated. For a while at least. Books kept on rolling in and stacks started growing again. Despite most new books being those dreaded free eBook downloads, and not physical books, there is still no light at the end of the reading tunnel for me. So, and you may have already guessed ... yet another book purge. This time I did not find as many books which I didn't really see myself reading anymore aka worthy to be sent to a new home, but still I got rid of a nice big stacl. And I gave them away. Granted, initially I had planned on selling them, but then time passed, no one wanted to buy them, and so I decided to donate them. And this is were it gets tricky.

You see. There is this flea market of a local church that takes place once a year. It's big. Really big. Last year I went on both Saturday and Sunday and dragged home several bags filled with, well, books. To give back to the community (I'm not a church going person, but if money's being raised for charitable causes I'm all for it) I donated more than a hundred books, some old VHS tapes (no clue whether anyone will actually buy those, but they took the box anyway) and a huge bag full of stuffed toys. And yes, it even felt good on a physical level to give all these things away. Now I can actually move more than two steps when entering the basement. No kidding.

Still not sure what the tricky part is?
Right now I'm probably knee deep in the thriller section looking for books that have been on my bookish radar. For those slow on the uptake ... I'm at the flea market. Doing bad things. Things like buying books. Tomorrow's IMM will be a mile long. At least.

Here's to the happy book hunter.

And to the next book purge.


  1. I have decided not to buy more books than those I finish reading. So far, it is working. As for giving away books, that happens from time to time, since some of my students are keen readers :)

  2. Birgit, book purging does not mean replacing the "out" books with "in" books! Go back home immediately!

  3. Too late ... the damage is done! Though, I behaved and only brought home a few books. Just don't ask me to define "few", hahahaaa!!

  4. You've been a bad, bad, girl! :) I'm waiting for your IMM tomorrow to see the damage :))

  5. You have a book addiction! =) this post made me laugh, don't know how many times I catch myself wandering over to the book section no matter what store I am in (grocery shopping) and can't seem to help myself!