October 6, 2011

Picture Garden - Maxwell

I present to you a cuddly find on a local flea market
the newest member of my bear family!


  1. Maxwell is adorable!!! I didn't know you collected bears! I added a new one to my collection to but I haven't done a post on him yet...enjoy your cuddly find! Thank you for the sweet comment to :o) Have a wonderful day friend! hugs Jennifer

  2. From whay I can see on his left paw Maxwell is a pedigree bear, too. Good find!

  3. Duh, the "whay" was supposed to be "what", of course.

  4. Nice! I see he's a Harrods bear. We've got two that our boys got from grandpa and grandma with their birth year on the sole of the foot.

    Every year at Christmas, Harrods produces a new bear. Ours are called Harry (derived from Harrods) and Bobo Bear (no idea why he's called that).

    Maxwell is a very posh English name. Hope he'll enjoy his life with you and the other bears.